Yoshi - Fan Art

This is a fan art of Nintendo´s Yoshi. I made this one in Blender 2.83 and rendered it with Cycles. I sculpted only a high poly model of the character. Retopology was not needed, because I don´t want to animate it. I used vertex colors and some procedual maps for texturing and shading. I learned a lot on this project, especialy because recorded every step this time and saw this that I can improve in my workflow next time. There is a timelapse video which you can enjoy, if you like.

Here are also some different colors I tried:

A widescreen version:

Viewport Screenshot:


Here there is also a scene overview, I want to share.

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I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

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Thank you so much for featuring me. :grinning:

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all colours are looking good

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Thank you :grinning: I tried to get the colors similar to the different references on the web, but they have a little personal touch of me too. :wink:

Very nice! I’d love to see that 3D printed or in a figurine.

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Thanks that is a great idea. :grinning: Unfortunately I don´t have any 3D Printer.