Yoshi & the Egg

I everyone :D!

I have never made animation before but when I see animations what some of you can make :eek: …
So, I decided to try to make my own animation with a… Yoshi! :yes:(because I’m fond of Yoshi :p)

The name:

(hehe I succeed to make my logo :evilgrin: lol)

I have finished to make his rigging and his eyes rigging too :D(the model and texturing too :D)
But… where are the pictures???

Here they are :rolleyes::


I made somes animations with my Yoshi:

The surprised Yoshi

The walk cycle:

The Walk cycle

Now I’m working on the intro with baby yoshy:) Here is a preview of it:

The preview of the Intro

And here is the Baby Yoshi:


What do tou think about it?

(Sorry if my english is bad:()

those r awesome yoshies with ther textures

Excellent model, but whats a yoshi? I think you could work on the texturing though.

them animations are pretty cool, i like a lot

Cute lol, its awesome!

Yoshi is a dinosaur from the mario series, simply google yoshi or super mario.

Thank’s for your comments guys! :smiley:

I’m making progresssss ;), I’m always working on my Intro :yes:.

I made a Maskass (one of Yoshi’s ennemy)



And here is a new video of my intro with Maskass who come with a poster where it’s written “Yoshi & the Egg” :smiley:

Here is the link

And here is a picture in my animation:


Enjoy :smiley:

So… no comments for my animation? :frowning:

Bonus: the old wire of my Yoshi XD


If that can help some blender heads to make their own Yoshi :rolleyes:

Hi everyone!:smiley:

Made great progress! :slight_smile:

Here is a video of my Intro (90% finish) and I need your impression! :wink:

—>Intro in Streaming<—

—>Here for download it in 800x600<—

I’m waiting for your impression :smiley:

I like the animation. The banner needs to be a little bit bigger cause in the streaming version it is barely readable. Haven’t looked at the larger version but if you intend on streaming make it twice the size it is now.
Also loose some of the blinking it is way overdone. At the moment the animation is a tad boring as all three yoshis do the same thing. Maybe make them look at each other during the animation.
Also the banner should be flapping more to the back when the two “Things” fly it in if it is a cloth.

:wink: Oh and loose that music or at least put a warning in the header of the animation, it is so annoying (hope I spelled that correct) :wink:

Good job keep it up.

the song can stay its from the yoshi story game

dude this is awesome keep it up