you are going to kill me for this, but here it goes

why do i get a lower framerate in 2.49 using the exact same cube/camera light scene. I am talking about integrated graphics, it’s just that i am curious, it’s not a big thing, but still…

If your computer has Intel onboard (integerated) graphics then you will notice several things.

-Decrease in frame rate
-Frequent Game Engine crashes
-No Border Select
-Glitchy menus displaying bits of the splash screen
-Color glitches while in Vertex Paint mode

I had the same problem about 3 days ago with Intel g33/g31 integrated chipset family. Now I’m running on Nvidia GeForce 8400 PCI-e x16 and the GE works great. If you want to work with the game engine then you might want to invest in a new graphics card. I personally recommend an Nvidia Geforce; 8400 is ok, 9600 is good, and 8800 GTX is about the best one I’ve seen. They all should support pixel shading (GLSL). Blender will run a lot faster in the view port and in the Game Engine.

So up to this point I’m supposing you have problems with integrated graphics cards. If you haven’t, well then I guess I typed this for nothing =P

thanks, you’ve got me.
i have a very good system at home, it just that at the time i was forced to work on a laptop and i noticed this thing. thanks again!