You are incredible artists!

You know what?

I’ve been working with 3d over 8 years now, and now I work in the
industry doing 3d professionally with Blender.


I’m litterally amazed how good you people here at elysiun have become
using Blender!

Unfortunately I haven’t got time to comment on every persons work in
here, but I really “hate” not beeing able to take time off to even
comment on a lot of people’s work - therefor I’ll write a quick message
here to let you know that a LOT more people than you might be aware
of are frequently watching the work in progress and finished projects
forums! (I’m one of them).

I want you to know that I for once…Am totally amazed to see how
much modelling skills are amongst you. I guess that was the purpose
of a free application like Blender. Free 3d to the masses.

Most of the people working in the industry are used to expensive
tools that have it all, fancy renderers with quick GI and high-quality
rendering with the touch of a button…well…of course…no make-art
button…still gotta do that the hard way…but still - you have many
things to overcome even if Blender IS a great tool and becoming
even greater as we speak.

But to see the many skills you posess is worth it all. Some of you
know amazingly much about human anatomy, others have fantasy
that even pablo picasso would enjoy if he was alive.

Please keep going (of course - you don’t need me to say that) but
I’d say it anyway. It really inspires me to see how you all take
advantage of the tools that you have at your disposal and how
creative you are. Another inspiring thing for me is how helpful
and friendly this community is. It’s like NOTHING out of this world!

I just wanted to tell you this.



Wow. Thanks…

I guess we can all feel complimented.

How warm and fuzzy. :slight_smile:

My compliments as well.

Thanks, thats awsome :smiley: , Your awsome :smiley:

I’d feel warm and fuzzy if I had made anything half decent, but thanks for everyone else :smiley:

/me looks around

Oh… he’s talking about you guys. Good thing, too, for a second I thought he might’ve been talking about me. I was about to ask if he was crazy.


count me out too. :Z