You Are My Only Hope...

Hello, I’m Working on a model of R2D2 from Star Wars. I’m having a little trouble with a few things. Problems are as follows…

1.) In the Render, his dome is odd looking…How can i make it smooth without
disfiguring his supposed to be blocky arms and feet?:confused:

2.) I’m Having HUGE issues trying to figure out an easy way to texture this little guy (I’ve never textured before.) If anybody can point me to an easy to follow tutorial, it would be greatly appreciated.

Any critic,advice, or suggestions are welcome.
May the force be with you. :slight_smile:


For the dome and body.
In edit mode, select only the faces that belong to the dome. Press the " p " key and choose separate by selection to make the dome a separate object if it is not already. Go into object mode and (making sure your object/dome is selected) in your ( t ) tool panel usually on the left of the screen, choose " Smooth " under the shading option. Do the same for the body.

You can add Subsurface surface modifier to the body. For an easy tutorial of adding texture here (the sample is using T-Rex model)

To learn texturing, watch any Andrew Price tutorial at BlenderGuru. He always does a fantastic job showing you coolest, newest, easiest way to UV texture. And he’s fun to watch. You’ll learn a lot. And, decide whether you want to use BI or Cycles to do this project. If you’re just modelling, Cycles might be the better choice since you’ll have the previewer to get a quick idea of what you’re texturing choices are going to do to the finished product.
Good luck. Don’t let Artoo crash into walls. He’s known to like doing that.

Thanks to all of you for your feedback.:stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck. Don’t let Artoo crash into walls. He’s known to like doing that.

and haha, i wont. All Thou i do plan on making a little mini game with him :stuck_out_tongue: