You are supposed to get people involved, not show your self off to people.

So, where is the web site and game files for all of these (WIP)?

What are you referring to?

There needs to be a source file section or a way to encourage community support of project on these threads. We need to support each other.

Relax. And involved? I’ve met several team members thanks to this forum.



How does someone with a post count frequency of 1.33 posts/month who uses nearly half of those posts to call people dummies and retards on their own threads get off telling us we need to encourage each other???

There is a sub-forum where you can present your project.
There is another sub-forum you can request team members for your project.
There is a sub-forum where you can present your finished game.
There is a sub-forum you can request help.

I do not get what you want to say.

If you need a project host … there are plenty of them out there. They provide you with the necessary features (source versioning, issue tracker, member management, documentation management, website, …)

Blender is open-sourced yet many people are keeping there work a secret. It is not the spirit of Blender and it never will.

I’m sorry but I’m not going to allow random people to take my game files.
Blender is a tool and we use it (almost) like we want, if you want to take this path you can make a collaborative game yourself.

And many other people are sharing code snippets, making tutorials and answering game related questions in great detail. The fact that Blender is open source (now) does NOT mean everyone who uses Blender has to throw everything they do into the public domain. You want help making your game? Use the resources that have already been made available to you. Look around.

Many people also want to put off releasing a public playable demo (blend file) until their project is actually in a playable state.
The reality is, that a lot of projects burn out and become abandoned before they ever get to this state, or shortly after they reach this state. Usually by then, the original developers don’t bother releasing what they have (either out of ego, or apathy).
It’s funny how one’s enthusiasm for thier project can take a nose-dive immediately after reaching the Proof of Concept phase.

But yeah, like sbkodoma said, Blender is a tool to be used how we want. If you want to create an environment of sharing and cooperation, try leading by example.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

There are projects that are in need of a artist,

ask around,

try throtteling it down a bit.

There’s nothing in Blender’s license that requires you to have every game you make be a team project.

A lot of people already post the .blend files for their games and allow you to use the code (though not necessarily the art assets). Some people like to work alone on their game and craft it exactly to their specifications, you are free to give feedback though.

It is mentioned earlier, but I say it explicitly:

Blender is open-source - Your game is not

Attention: This does not exclude you make your game open source by:

  • releasing it under a an open source licence
  • publishing it as bundle with the blenderplayer - which automatically makes it GPL.