You can now add Sketchfab, ArtStation and Mastodon links to your BA account!

I’m happy to consider adding Twitch and Github if enough people ask for it. I think that Blender Market and Gumroad, being marketplaces, would only be used for promotion and I don’t feel they belong on the user profile.

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Great update, thanks!


Sweet, that works.

Any chance that Youtube will be adjusted as well or have you already fixed it to allow for the new Handle links?

+1 for Github as many have addon repos on there, so useful to find the devs.

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I don’t quite understand your argument.

Of course, adding these links to the user profile would be meant for commercial purposes (except in the case of graphic assets or add-ons published for free on these platforms, both of them now accepting free content to be submitted).

But the term “Promotion” implies that the developer would actively invite other people to visit these websites. This would not be the case here.
Adding these links to the user profile is a one step process: once those are added to the user profile, it’s done once-for-all. It would be a very very “passive promotion”, IMO.

Also, allowing add-on developers and graphic assets sellers to add their Gumroad/BlenderMarket links would be respectful for them and for all the work they have accomplished. A way to thank them for sharing their works on this forum and participating to the category.

Note that ArtStation is also a marketplace, and you already added it. :wink:



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I would definitely like to see a GitHub link be included as well!

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Thanks for the update Bart. :+1:

Guys, I don’t make money if you add links to your profiles, so you will have to pay to do that!

First time I see that on a forum! This is ridiculous!

No sarcasm needed. That’s not the point, I’m trying to curb the growing use of this forum for commercial purposes - see also our recent policy on self promotion.

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No sarcasm, this is the same for self-promotion.
It’s a forum, people come also to see addons, tutorials, etc.
Restricting people from posting on a forum is ridiculous! Even if some come only to post their things, that makes people on the forum, people that read posts, that learn blender, workflow, etc.
This is the same on Discords, etc.

Honestly, long time since I haven’t posted there and I see that, and all I can see is a way to make money and I don’t think people paid to save this forum to have it under a paywall.

I will stop there, you have my point, that’s enough.

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I agree it’s a lame argument. If someone puts links to whatever in their profile, you literally first need to click their profile name to see those links. It’s not like they will be in a signature under every post like it was on some of the old forums.

People usually don’t click the usernames or profile pictures unless they are explicity interested in finding more about the user, so they can choose whether they are exposed to the promotions or not. Given that, I don’t see a reason to exclude Gumroad or Blender Market for these specific purposes.

The argument also doesn’t hold up in that both Sketchfab and ArtStations are also platforms for sale of 3D models and other CG content. So if it was meant truly honest, and not just meant to exclude competition, then neither Sketchfab nor ArtStation links in the profile should be allowed either.


@bartv : It’s known that you work for Sketchfab (and it’s a great website) but it is unfair for all Blender add-ons developers out there (who like the BlenderArtist forum and who regularly participate to it) to not allow adding links in the profile of the two main marketplaces used by developers and artists.

I have always thought that the BlenderArtists forum was independent (I hope it is and will stay this way). If it is affiliated to Sketchfab or Epic, you should explicitly mention it in the FAQ.

I do think developers and artists deserve to be allowed to add these links. It’s not like they are going to spam threads, asking other forum members to specifically click on their nickname and click onto these links.


Just noticed: clicking on your own avatar (top right) brings you to somethign like:

where this isn’t shown and using the given link in the first post ../my/preference/.. to:

where it is… ? (Or maybe just a flush cache problem… going to try in the next few minutes…)

Edit: Silly me… have to click on Profile (on the left…) :person_facepalming: … not changing my profile too often … :sweat_smile:

Fair enough. I consider Sketchfab and ArtStation portfolio sites first, and marketplaces second. Blender Market and Gumroad are ‘pure’ marketplaces. If enough people here feel strongly about adding them then that I’ll do that. Perhaps I should set up a poll for the next batch of sites to be added and set a benchmark for the number of upvotes?


I think that a “promotion” in the profile would only be “followed” if a BA user think that this specific user is somekind of interesting so that (s)he looks into the profile… and even then everbody is free to not click on any link…

Someone who want’s a link in the footer for every post… should (maybe) support BA… (as maybe some of those who only posts YT tutorials and nothing else to promote their channel like mentioned by @joseph in the New Policy thread somewhere up…)

But maybe some of us consider the abuse problem not as much as the man who makes this all possible… and could be made responsible for things i don’t even imagine… Sometimes things aren’t as easy as we might thing…

Bedankt voor al het werk dat je voor ons hebt gedaan.

Of course using an online translator…

What are you talking about? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Nobody is asking that promotional links could be added to the footer of every post. That would be annoying af, just like banner-signatures.


Personally my feelings toward Blender Market and Gumroad are fairly indifferent, so not that fussed either way at this stage.

Wouldn’t mind an answer to the Youtube handles question tho…

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Interesting. Concur for ArtStation, but I’ve seen Sketchfab as a marketplace only, much like Gumroad (if better from my usage point of view; that 3D viewer is wonderful). Guess I should take another look.

I don’t feel “strongly” about Blender Market and Gumroad, but especially the latter is really useful for things people share for free, and that’s usually why I go there. Wouldn’t mind having those linked in developers’ profiles.

Poll sounds good.


Good stuff. A good idea to do this. Thanks Bart.

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