🗳 You can now vote for the Best of Blender Artists 2021!

Whew, we’re ready to start! Thanks to everyone for updating their artwork with the requested tags.

For each category, we selected the nominees by going through the ‘top’ view of each tag for the last year, and entered the 30 most popular works. To prevent bias, they’re presented in random order.

Here’s what we need you to do:

  1. Visit the BoBA2021 category and pick the category you wish to vote for.
  2. For each category, pick up to three of your favorite images
  3. Results will be made visible after you have cast your vote.
  4. To change your vote, click ‘Show vote’, update your choice and click ‘Vote now!’
  5. Voting closes on Thursday, December 30, 8am Amsterdam time, and we aim to announce the winners on Friday, December 31.

Have fun!


Should we cast all three votes in a single category or can we vote in more than one?

You can vote for 3 works in each category. I’ll update the info above.

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damn, I messed up the tagging. I thought it should be in the post as a #
Never mind, maybe next year. Now I go and vote.