You can rename a Reroute in Nodes windows

Did you know you can rename a Reroute? You can even change its color (not that it helps). Renaming it can help you remember, well, whatever you wanted to remember about that wire or that reroute.

Why bother?

Sometimes, I put 2 or more reroutes on the same wire, because the node window is so chock full of nodes that the one I want to connect is off the edge of the screen.

So I put a reroute down, drag that part of the way, and link from that.

I also use reroutes to make the wire routes easier to read – moving wires so they go around, instead of under, nodes.

Since the reroutes can ultimately be placed far from their source or destination, it helps to rename them. I often have one or two called “alpha” for example.

Yes, I use the renaming all the time. It is very useful. Having the color actually affect its color would be great.

I often use a pair of reroutes next to each other, then I cut the connection between them as a down and dirty switch node (because those are only helpful in compositing, I guess…). Just a couple shift+rmb drags to insert the reroutes and a ctrl+rmb drag to cut between.

The side by side sockets remind me that I can reconnect those to get back to what I was doing before.

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