You cannot edit posts that contain an image

You write a post, and include an image, and then attempt to edit the text within the post, you receive an error stating that the message is too short. Has happened many times.

Also why are images double posting?

It happend to me as well until I started to use the “Go advanced” button.
For images, there are two ways to attach them. 1) inline, 2) as attachment. It seems when you post someting, without going advanced, it is posting the image inline as well as attachment. So you see them twice then.

BTW, I noticed that some people can’t see images. Not sure when that happens: Is it when they are on mobile, or if it happens onlyl with inline images or attachments, or sometimes they don’t appear when a member is not logged in.

I suggest to check the “go advanced” button and read / play with it.

It may be possible to do it using advanced, but editing the text of a post is a rudimentary and fundamental function of forums, and shouldn’t require anything else than clicking edit, changing it, and saving it. It used to work perfectly, and now it doesn’t.

Sure, I will try and recreate it in this post. Some text up top, and an image of my specs below:

And I will click ‘post quick reply’… testing…


And I can no longer edit the post, message length error:


This has nothing to do with images, the issue is editing text (in a post with images in it)

Edit: this post has no images and can be editted…

The update seems to have fixed it. :slight_smile:

Hooray for small victories! :slight_smile: