You Don't Love Me No More

I’ve been having this image stuck in my nightmares for quite a few weeks, and I felt that I should realize it. And I really don’t know what it means. A few people looked at it, and gave long replies about it as being a representation of repressed emotions, accumulated fatigue and an antonym of Deja Vu. I’d love to hear your perspective on this.

To me, its more like something that never happened. The words ‘You Don’t Love Me No More’ in itself, is definitely odd, and it contradicts itself. But this is exactly the line I had in my dream. Weird.


A bit dark (psychologically) but I quite like this. Well done.

Thank you oiyou!


Awesome looking… er, blood… there… contemplates how creepy describing blood as “awesome” is…

And the tablecloth is photorealistic lol.

Is that a piece of paper, like a note, that the knife is sticking through?

Just to say it… it’s “You don’t love me ANYmore.” No more sounds like it should be coming from one of those inbred freaks in the movie Wrong Turn.

But the point is well-made. :slight_smile: I like the blood writing.

The dream is a premonition that some psycho killer like Freddie or Jason is going to come and get you really soon…

… the end is near…

Edit: (just in case you are super superstitious… I was joking)

wow thats cool! good job! high res maybe?

good luck with those nightmares… i stopped dreaming once i started blender… my mind decided that there were now more important things to think about during sleep hours than dreams :smiley:

No way. I used to have this EXACT same dream. A couple months later, I met Jason. I’ll save you a seat in heaven!

Yeah, it was actually meant to be a photo of a couple, but no matter how I rendered it, it didn’t come out properly :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the comments.

Glad its understandable- thank you!

Hahha, good one :smiley:

Heh… Thank you for your interest, but I’m pretty much done with it. It was actually meant to be a high speed work. Its in no way a major project.

Lol, get more, probably :smiley:

Very good work indeed! If I were to critique, I’d say that perhaps the textures on the wall and the tablecloth are too big for the scale of the knife, table and paper to my eyes, but other than that the lighting and mood are great and the writing in blood on the wall is stomach-turningly convincing.

Hope your nightmares clear up soon. I rarely have nightmares. My dreams are serene and pleasant…it’s when I wake up that badness happens…

To be honest I love the approach you took to this, the concept is very interesting (even though you got it from a dream). And even though you don’t know where this dream came from I think it’s good to like let this out, idk thats just my opinion. I don’t have anything to critique