You expect me to eat that!

Hi here’s my latest offering.

Thanks to all who have helped me…you know who you are :wink:
C & C’s welcome.
Thanks for looking

Looks really good!
Nice work!

Great stuff. I like the concept. Nice and natural smile on the face.

Indeed, the face is brilliant, I really love that head! The head of the tiny fella as well btw!

I also like the original concept but I don’t especially like the environment that much.

These are some great characters. The little guy is very expressive. The background environment does seem to be a bit of an afterthought. Unless that stack of sticks is supposed to be the little guy’s cage.

haha, great characters. i love the quality of your lighting.


You really improved this, good job. Both the characters feel very real, and the SSS isn’t too overdone (I’m assuming there is some). Nice lighting as well.

Rest of the scene doesnt seem to match up with the high quality of the face. Maybe improve the surroundings…

The littel guy could do with some colour correction, maybe make him slightly more yellow because, his colour doens’t suggest he’s actually in the room. Also his face expression wlist it looks natural, it looks like bad acting.

Thank you all for your replies.
DichotomyMatt: Yes that was the idea with the cages.
blenditall: Yep there is a little SSS, it’s most evident on the elf characters left ear.
Eradicor: I have blurred the room slightly to try to bring the focus more to the foreground, or is it the detail in the modeling you are talking about?

Overall quality. The background seems cartoonish as the face seems more detailed… hmm… cant really explain.

nice, looks really good

The modeling and texturing are really great, and the lighting is nice…, but it doesnt fit with the burning lamp on the table.
Nice work. 4* from me

great lighting and the expressions are fantastic. the biggest thing that bothers me is the awkward pose of the hand holding the leaf though…
good work!

nice scene! nice character expresion!!!

Where is the producer of Shrek to add new actors in the next movie:). Great characters.

is the little guy floating, barely touching the table?

or do hes(?) legs just need more posing? :wink:

this is awesome!
Maybe u should add some detail to the candle-texture and also the wall texture doesn´t look thaaat authentic (maybe some kind of dirt or a little sharper IMHO). The rest is genius!

i like your textures looking good

Thanks for your kind words and much needed crits.
psytr0ll: I guess the problem could be with the way I used the displace modifier on the wall it has two subtle dirt layers, maybe too subtle.
Felix_Kütt: It’s right foot is on the ball of it’s foot and the left is on it’s toes/claws.
StompinTom: I struggled to try to find a natural pose and I must admit that my rigging is not very good, I’m going to invest in Bassam’s DVD so hopefully that will change.