You Guessed it.......

Another YaFray (Yable) test!

it’s an old model… i know the speaker needs to be smoothed, but i am just tring to figure out YaFray (and MS DOS)

so here it is!
[removed for file size problems,

check below for correct]


600 kb?!
your killing me here bmd! its a bmp, 600kb, and posted on geocities(which is the mother of slow downloads)… thats 3 strikes against u! heh :stuck_out_tongue:

its dling now… 80%
please oh please do some compressing next time, its not even a full size picture =(


looks really nice, i like the materials… is that a speaker in the front too? heh its pure white :wink:

That’s the problem with people with fast connections, they don’t realise when they upload large files :wink:
Our company once got a mail with a 35 meg .bmp attached back when we just had a 56k connection :-?

Anyway, I took a look… and it looks pretty strange, kind of like it was painted with watercolor.

  1. pofo

Don’t ever use bmp, it’s not good for anything!

PNG and JPG are both much better choices.

I didn’t even bother D/Ling it, the combination of the format, the size and the crappy web host was enough for me.

Please think about 56kers in future :wink:

gasp i had no idea!

any idea why there is no caustics?

i turned it on, but it didn’t work
the tga format isn’t recognised by geocities

i’ll fix it


ok, 32kb