you help needed... ot ...grahics card

:slight_smile: hello
maybe discussed a zillion times
but me a bit lost:eek:

I do have an open gl Agp4 128 M Quadro DCC:(

an Nvidia gaming 6200 will be twice as fast, double bandwith, double memory, cheap, Agp 8:cool:
will it do blender on linux ??
me an freelance artist
blonde petite
with brains…:smiley:

In short yes,

All Nvidia cards use the exact same drivers. And Nvidia has excellent driver support for Linux, better than ATi.

so I do go for the 6600 for low $$ a fine card:D

i have a 6600 and its sweet as.

infact i have two of them, my GF has one, and my flatmates have more.


I’ve a 7600, I’m running Ubuntu Linux. Works great! Drivers really aren’t even that hard to install.

sudo apt-get install something or other will do it!