You just lost the game

do many people know what “the game” is. if not here is a link
i loose about 12 times a year. when do you loose

Everytime i walk into school. Doesn’t help when your friend reminds you at least 5 times a day.

Thanks a lot. My first loss of the year. :frowning:

You guys totally lost to my country.

Ugh… I just lost the game :frowning:

I actually lose a lot, thanks tothis.

Ricktrollololololol (you see what I did there?)

Also, I think I have heard the rickroll so many times that I’m pretty sure I am starting to like it.

I havn’t lost in nearly 2 months…until YOU!!!

@Sneg: That’s really evil. Maybe I should start a Facebook persona called “The Game” and sign up to as many groups as I can…

@Moonflower: Did you mean

I think he meant

you guys know FAILBLOG.ORG?

yep. Great site for giggles

I usually hate the Game, and try to ignore it.

That said, it’s amusing to see it pop up in unexpected places.

@FunkyWyrm: Yes, that… ahahahahah… I just lost yet again.

@Wefyb: Trololo causes me to win actually :slight_smile:

Owwy, owwy, owwy. I just lost the game! I do however claim my right to the mandatory grace period!

the game. never heard of it. that was, until today :frowning:

i’ve already lost five or six time now.

i care not for it. but in reading these i’ve already lost (not the first time :)). therefore i quit mine here and now:D.


Does this mean I lost again?

I got sick of The Game so I stopped playing it. Sometimes people tell me that you can’t do that, so I just tell them I’m cheating. They tend to get angry, I think because I thought of it before they did.

I was doing so well at the game that I had to read the wiki before I finally remembered what it was :stuck_out_tongue:
damn you all!

its not cheating its not even giving up you just can’t stop playing it its like the mafia once your in there is no way out.