You know you are a newbie when...

A couple of posts below it was asked when are you not considered to be a newbie any more. This thread is an attempt to answer that question.

I’ll go first…

You know you are a newbie when you have to ask “what is that square looking thing when I first open up blender?”

you know your a newbie when you cant figure out why the camera is on the outside and why your not looking through it.

You’re a newbie when you can’t figure out why your orthographic views aren’t orthographic and the pivot of the view isn’t working.

you know your a newb when you want to make a MMORPG with game blender… ugh, i hate when people ask if its possible. they should put a big sign on the blender website that says:


no, just no, dont ask, dont try to slip in the question anywhere. You cant
make one with this software. dont try, dont think about it, dont dream
about it, dont even pretend your making one. You cant, you just cant!

When you think its impossible to make an MMORPG in Blender, because it is possible, but useless. MMOs are never as great as people say, because you can’t do ANYTHING you want, like they say you can (like travel between universes).

ROFLMHO, you know your a newbie when you say,“Is 3DStu*** M** better than blender?”

You know you’re a newbie when you haven’t seen a million threads like this before.

I guess that makes me a non-newbie.

quoted for truth

when you press ctrl+x and forget there is a backup mechanism too :smiley:

lol try the days before undo was a feature in blender

You know you’re a newbie when you only post in threads like this one.

looks at valarking


You know you are a newbie when you ask what the world buttons are. looks at past…

you know you are a newbie when

You ask yourself “I can see an icon on my desktop that says ‘blender’ but how the hell do I open it?”

You no ur a nooby wen u open up a thread that contains nudety hoping that it will be a picture of a chick, but to find out taht its always a dude