you know you blend to much when

you know you blend to much when?

nothing to post no renders no models, i thought it would be a good idea to finde out how much of a blender head we all are by asking a simple question about knowing when we all blend to much.

could it be when you are looking though a magazine you say to yourself i can make that. how about when you sit down at your pc and the first thing you do instead of checking all your junk mail thats overflowing your e mail you open up blender and stare at it for 30 min befor you relize you should be doing something els.

ok for me its when im out driveing i am looking around for things to model, this causes two problems one i am driveing and two i almost run in to things because of it. (i got it bad real bad)

i have taken it upon myself to buy a camera just incase the problem is i alwase forget it.

tell us your story funny or not lets finde out how much of our comunity are blender heads to the extream.

just a fun little post.

The weird thing is, because of Blender, EVERYTHING I see I ask myself how I would make that in Blender, right down to colors of things. One time I saw someone wear a shirt that, when veiwed at an angle, it turned purple, but when looked at streight, was blue, and I was trying to figure out how it would be possible to do that in Blender. The next second, I saw a water fountain (this was before the fluid simulator), and wondered how I would do that. I next saw a building, and wondered how I would make every window have it’s own slight bend to it, so it would reflect and refract slightly differently with each window. And this went on and on, and I decided I had way too much time with Blender and 3D in general.

Basically, I’m saying that you know you’ve blended for too long when you look at EVERYTHING as a 3D model, and try and figure out how you would make it in Blender.

Hm, you probably blend too much, if you look at a sweet girl and the first thing, crossing your mind, is how to make the structure of her shirt with procedural textures.

The problem with looking at objects and thinking about modelling it, isn’t only yours. Today, I saw some poster of a sweet naked ass (only from aside), with some lether seat structure stamped into it (propably because the person was sitting too much, dunno what it was about) in front of the apothecary. The first thing, that crossed my mind: “This one is modelled, you should try too”. I forgot to take a shot, as even I got a good camera in my mobile, but maybe I’ll take one tomorrow and share it :slight_smile: .

lol i like it already, keep telling us your storys guys this is great.

Good topic, Wrong forum, This should be if off-topic chat :slight_smile:

i dont know about that enrig766 you never know where a topic like this might go people could post a render of something they did a wile back and then something they did now you never know sides this is work in progress if you really think about it, anyhow just have fun with it,

Enriq766 you should have something funny to add here anyhow you have been around the froum for a wile, so you got anything?

Just today I was biking and noticed my shadow going fuzzy while the only available light source was the sun, then figuring out it was the branches of the trees behind me (it was late and a low sun shining through the rows of trees) thus creating the interference patterns. Then I looked at my blurry shadow again and wondered how it would be to model it and write a shader in the BGE for it…
(on a sidenote, this thread already existed in the past…waaaay back)

This exact thread topic has been done before. The search isn’t finding it though.

I’m the same with the whole analyzing real world objects and imagine how to recreate them. Animating is the worst because I try to time stuff out loud so I sit and make gestures that must look completely weird to other people.

Hmm, I saw this topic straight after getting frustrated with Inkscape cause “Shift + D” wasn’t working.

Anyway, I think I’ve done too much CG when I look to the little river outside my room and get disappointed that animated displacement maps are being used instead of a proper fluid sim.

Oh and sometimes I look at something made of glass in the sunlight and conclude that I could make much more realistic caustics myself. :smiley:


When i piss off other people watching a blockbuster movie (king kong) and explain all the minor faults that seem huge to me.

  or when i saw madagascar, " this looks like crap. did they even use GI?"

(haven’t i seen this before)

oh man this is great. i am likeing the storys so far, and it made me think of something that happend wile i was training at ft hunter ligot, i saw a choper doing some exersises i was watching the way it moved and cursed my myself for not buying that lap top i want. o well i see things in everyday life and wonder how can i model an animate it so that i can get as close to the real thing as posable. and as far as seeing this thred befor i never did but sometimes its a good thing to dig up the past and hopefully we all my learn something from the way each of us observ what is happening around us.

happy blending people and keep the storys comeing.

I sometimes do the same as Koba, as I will look at a canal near my house, and I frown at it as it doesn’t look very realistic, just a moving bump/displacement map. Sometimes, people like me and possibly Koba and others try to make something as realistic in 3D as possible, then don’t think it looks quite real untill you see the same thing in real life. You just have to stare, and think HOW SIMPLE IS THAT???!!! Sometimes I try to make things that seem more realistic than they do in real life, just to find out that, realisticaly, I shouldn’t have made it that realistic.

By the way, I might post some of what I ended up doing for the things in my first post, like the pre-fluid sim fountain, and I’m by no means a profesional, and I’m only 15. At the time I was only 14, and was with 2.37a, so it’s not very good.

edit: And yes, I think they did use GI in Madagascar, just not very well made GI.

You know you blend too much when you try to figure out why reality isn’t as real as what you render

when you’ve seen such a thread about 10 times already

The truth is, I look at textures in the real world and I think how to do that with procedurals in Blender. It’s invaded my way of thinking.

Hi all

I’m right into particles and physics sims, so every time I see something blowing in the wind, clouds or a storm coming, rain, water, fire, explosions, heat waves etc… I start constructing a solution in my mind. Clouds especially, recently.

I get the thing about wanting to recreate everything I see too, but a while ago I came to the realisation that if you make something on the comp, it will always look less realistic than a real object, even if it conforms to the laws of realism more stricly.

This is because there is a part of your brain that KNOWS it isn’t real, now matter how good it looks.

If I made the water in Nemo, or the enemies the the Lord of the Rings, I’d still find fault with them I’m sure, but as an outsider they look real enough to me!!!.

PS- parts of madagascar weren’t all that wonderful (but still shite loads better than Shark Tale!), but, GI or no GI or crap GI, my kids loved and still do love it, and I kinda think thats who it was made for. Shrek on the other hand…

Great thread,


Just last night I was doing dishes, (I don’t have a dish washer) and I wondered how long it would take to run a fluid simulation of the water from the sink splashing against each dish. I couldn’t help but wonder, and I know I’m not able to do it as my animation skills, that is, the dishes moving around to get hit by the water, are horrible, so it would be up to someone else to do. But I still tried to model the sink, and some of the dishes :stuck_out_tongue: .

You know you’re blending to much when you want to just fix this one last thing… and suddenly you have four hours before you have to go to work.

You know you’re blending to much when your GF calls you up and asks you how you’ve been :-?

When you open the referigerator and the only thing you have left to eat is a half package of ten day old salami. Suddenly you hear a knock at the door and it’s a UPS truck with your Nvidia 7900GTX and you realize you don’t have any money left for food.

When your dog starts whining for food, and you’re staring at your screen with a puzzled look on your face thinking to yourself “when did I get a dog?”

man… I better get out of here and go for a walk…

I’ve found myself wondering what FPS I’m living at.

Not good. Very not good.


When you close your eyes to go to sleep and you see vertices jumping around and aligning so that they say your name but in a language that nobody knows

Or how about when you overcorrect on the road and say “Oh Sh**! Oh Sh**! Ctrl Z! CTRL Z!!!”

How about when you look at a twenty in your wallet and say “Shift+D”

Or when someone trips and you say “Ha ha, you screwed up your Keyframes”

Oh I could go on all day…

Wow, I’m naming a lot of them…

When you wonder how to do that good of volumetric particle rendering while looking at smoke/steam etc.

When you wonder how high of a resolution the texture in cement is.

When you wonder what subdivision resolution is used on something or other.

When you someone tells you how far away somewhere is, and you ask what that is in Blender units.

When you wonder what the index of refraction is for something, like a certain type of clear plastic (some test builds of Blender have prefixes, so this would apply to anything not on the list.)

When you’re painting or drawing, and you make a mistake, and you try to press “U” on a nearby keyboard.

When you wonder what type of physics (bullet or sumo) is in reality.