you know you blend to much when

what’s all this talk about “real world” and “outside” where all these amazing things to blend are found?

When your stitting in class and you forgot the lesson because you were figuring out a better way to model a head.

when you hear Eck’s say “when you’ve seen such a thread about 10 times already”, for the ninth time :stuck_out_tongue:

you start getting some minor nerve damage in your hand from animating 2 shifts a day in project orange =)

its kinda scary when your nerves start snagging without you wanting it to for a day or so, just finished project in time, slowly starting to calm down. o_O i’m making sure i have 2 weeks of blending before I begin next body abusing project =)

luckily its not perminent RSI, I feel sorry for receptionists.

you know you’ve blended too much when you see a naked woman and wonder how to make proper boob physics!

true tale, btw!!

Happens to me too. I find myself daydreaming in wireframe mode sometimes in class when I’m bored. Its really odd, imagining the world around you seing what it would look like in blender. Its especially odd when i put people in wireframe mode and start imaginating the armature and movement that each bone would make…but hey, its good practice :stuck_out_tongue:

She likes to move it…I like to move it move it move it…MOVE it
Sorry thats about all I was able to watch from Madagascar before I let my sisters continue without me. The Cg in that movie is well…stylish and simple but too much simple for me.

I also find myself thinking materials when I look at some objects and notice something I never noticed. Like the sligh blury specular highlights on my screen when it is turned off and the light behind me is turned on.

Once you start 3d graphics, you dont look at the world around you the same way :wink:

Same thing happens when you read anything by Douglas Adams.

When you’re attending a government speaker’s speech and you begin to look at the ceiling, calculating the ways that you could create it with exact materials and textures. Then deciding whether to use YafRay and Blender Internal. Of course, figuring all this out while you’re clapping intermittently because everyone else is as well.

well I start telling myself I need to spend more time away from blender when I look at the girl at the checkout in walmart and start trying to figure out the specularity and hardness values of her skin and hair. (happens all the time)

I think that any of us blender heads can be classified as pyschotics by the posts we’ve made!!

no kidding

I was frosting my girlfriends cake, and I started to go quicker, I shit you not, because I thought I could just “undo” any mistakes. Then when the frosting pulled up some of the cake, my mind flashed “U-Key”… then I realized how far I had sunk into a mini-trance for about 10 seconds. It was kind of like a quick daydream, where suddenly I was just Blending.

…When you know the IOR of a dozen+ objects.
…When your PC(s) is on 24/7 with Blender.exe rendering in the background.
…when the Blender release cycle for you is the time it takes for your computer to compile the latest blender from CVS.
…when you use ctrl+W to save a word document.

you know you’ve been using blender for too long when you want to recreate everything you see with Blender.
you know you’ve been using blender for too too long when you want to recreate everything you see with Blender Gameengine.

When you can quote all shortcuts and tell what they do in detail.

using shift+alt to scroll a webage.

Has anyone else jumbled up the shift+alt, alt, ctrl+alt thing until you open the program, then it just snaps right back to you?

unless you have a 3 button mouse.

Which I do, but Microsoft had to dork it up and make the wheel scroll sideways too. %|

I want a side-ways scrolling mouse… Where did you get it?

I wasn’t the one that purchased it, I couldn’t tell ya.
I can tell you it has two side buttons (Where your thumb would be). And I think i read somewhere that you can program the buttons to do different things with different programs. Not entirely sure though.

It’s called the Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0

Speaking of off topic…

Since i started doing modelling, whenever i see ANYTHING, i automaticly begin thinking “now how could this be modelled?” and now my friends think i’m wierd 'cause i’m always talking about how the models in certain games are made and saying things like " Wow, thats good normal mapping", or ,“Why did they make it that way? It would look better this way…”

Yeah… we’re all nutcases… i know…lol

You know… Like, when you are trying to learn more about what you are doing… and you are on all the time… and you are Alt;Tab into blender every 5 seconds and the other person in the house is bugging you to do something… so you kill them… and then model their mangled bodies?..Maybe not… :smiley:


… you think about blending instead of your job…

The other day I was at work (making icecream) and I had an overflow incident cause I was spacing about my blender projects instead of watching the machine I was working at. :rolleyes: