you know you can use it

hey people.

you all know that you can use my public gallery for uploading images to.

and you know that you can refer others to it if you notice they are using free hosts, or are enquirering about using free hosts.

so come on guys use it, and tell others to use it. free is always a good thing.


I’ve been using it a bit. Not alot because I 've also been trying not to clutter it up. Just thought I’d say thanks Alltaken. It’s pretty cool of you to offer this to the comuninty for free. :slight_smile:

I don’t use it (as I have my own), but it’s super awesome that you offer this, alltaken. Thanks for doing this for the community.



P.S. I’ll point others there if I see them using free hosts ;).

also, is a good free webspace with no bandwith limit, hotlinking, and ALMOST unlt space. thats what i use, cause its EASY.

P.S. thats a very cool thing u are doing alltaken! :smiley:

Maybe you could ask the elysiun admins to make some use of the frontpage and add a link to it?

LOL ya right, bad joke, sorry.


good one :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW Fly3D, just use it :stuck_out_tongue: it will only ever become an issue when i get close to my HDD limit. at which time i will start by knocking off the ones i feel are old/notused.

i sitll have plenty of room for hundreds more images



you da man, doug.

Alltaken, is hotlinking allowed? If so, that’s an incredible service…

yes hotlink, coldlinking, no signing up linking, and stuff linking.

the website handles

.ZIP .JPG .GIF .AVI .MOV .SWF…EVERYTHING (well everything thats an image or movie file (by extention))

nothing has been abused yet, and nor do i expect it to be abused any time soon so i will leave it that way.

hotlinking doesn’t bother me because people have yet to put a dent in my bandwidth.