You know you have been Blendering too long if something like this happens...

Today I realized that I have been using this tool too long ( or just maybe too often)…
I have an flat LCD monitor and because people were coming to the house I had to clean up my work area. As a result of the cleaning the monitor was moved from its standard place and left at a small but noticeable angle.

So I did what every other blender head would do: I pressed my middle mouse button and attemped to rotate it. It took me a few seconds before I realized what had happened. I guess it will take until version 3.0 till Ton gets blender to interact with real objects. :wink:

I can hardly wait.


Hehe. Don’t worry, you are not alone lol.

I don’t know. I’ve been trying to RIGHTMOUSE select, GKEY grab, and ALT+LEFTMOUSE rotate items in many other software programs, but I’ve never tried to do a blender keystroke or mouse action on something in the real world!

Then again, I’ve only been blendering for a couple of months. Maybe that day will come.

The symptoms depend on the individuals. When I’m bored and have to sit for a while to wait for something (Class etc) I sometimes daydream and look at the world around me with wires on them, just imagining what they would look like as 3d models.

I second what edeehem says. I’ve also been known to study the textures, and decide how I would remake them. Lol

The symptoms and its effect are documented on a site I can’t remember right now but it’s called blenderania. The symptoms usually get worse the longuer you have been exposed to Blender. The first signs can be seen in enthusiastic newbies as well as professional longterm users. No cure or vaccine are truly effective once contaminated

Scary eh?

I think in the program Gamemaker before where you press a little green arrow to play the game I at times pressed P to see if it would start.

(unrelated but close enough) When I was typing in constant names in Gamemaker for a physics engine to work I typed in computer

(related with forums) I once called my basement the off topic. I’m completely serious.

i’m always trying to use blender commands in other appas, like q to quit, u to undo, shift D to duplicate, etc.

The scary (and somewhat gratifying) thing is that on some applications, those hotkeys actually work.

some blender instinct (I’m one of those people who never know what key they’re pressing) makes me constantly zoom in to a tiny portion of an image when I’m using inkscape- I guess the pan/zoom (no rotate) tools in inkscape are similar enough, yet different enough to blender’s to cause the confusion.
the most painful thing is when you hit ctrl-w to save your work in another app, and you end up closing the window…thus losing what you were trying to save.
never tried to manipulate real world objects with my mouse…

So anyway…

I’m on the way to the grocery store, and walking down the sidewalk… there’s a work truck sitting at the stop light. And what’s it got on the flat bed? A HUGE 18’ sheet of marble. Shiny. Polished. About 4’ wide. Definitely too big for a countertop, probably a commercial installation.

The sunlight is hitting it perfectly. And it’s tilted upwards perfectly, so it’s reflecting sky not me and the cars/buildings…

As I start madly digging through my backpack to get out my camera, not that I carry a professional SLR with me but a 2592x1944 digital will still make a killer texture…

And the stop light changes, and off the truck drives… I scream “SHIIIIIT!” … apparently louder than the people around me felt comfortable with, if the stares are any indication. :stuck_out_tongue:

So yea, we can all relate. Welcome to CG. You check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

Well swearing in public in possible proximity to little kids and their parents wouldn’t be smart.

Its not like they arent around it enough, with all the music and TV they listen/watch.

Fweeb, I am also gratified to see that others apps are begining to mimic some of blender’s conventions. Maybe Ton has been right all along and all the other apps got it wrong.


I find myself hitting “A” in text boxes to select everything…

I also daydream about how real world things look in CG.

I have also been known to turn my desk at school into a connect the dots planning board for where the vertices would be. =)

i have tried doint “ctrl Z” to undo stuff, when i’m drawing in my sketchbook with a pencil lol. then i get annoyed when i realized what i tried to do. I have also tried to right click and close bugs that have landed on my monitor

like flys or virus’s?

flies, in real life, bugs

hehe… Yeah Blender is a killer.

I gave my aunt instructions on how to reach her friend on the cellphone once (using google map) while she was in a different state.
“Turn right, and look for ___ st.”
After about 5 tries, she couldn’t find the street. After 2 hours, it hit me “Turn Left.” So I called her up and told her. :smiley:

I forgot which side was left and which was right. When creating bones, and assigning vertex groups, the left and right side is reversed.

Because of blender I now have to stop and think for about 4 seconds each time I decided which hand is right and which is left.

I also now have stickers on both sides of my monitor labelled “left” and “right.” And I think I might need to get some when I’m in the real world. :smiley:

Haha humans are so simple.

I ones had that I was reading a printed blender tutorial and I saw a blue coloured link to find more info on the subject. So I tabbed with my finger on the paper and waited till the page has loaded…

Seconds later I realized nothing happens and that I was pressing a paper sheet!!!