You know your game is too hard if it's like the game in these videos

I’m serious, don’t make a serious game this difficult, someone’s brain could go into a meltdown with a game this hard:spin:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m cracking up over here. That is so funny, I don’t see why anyone would try and make something that obnoxious.

lol, i would end up stabbing my eyes out. i know it


haha, i love it

Not only is that ridiculous, it is also a real game. It’s called Syobon Action, and you can download it here:

I love the art style!

Damn, thats funny as!
Gives me ideas on making a REALLY annoying game in blender. Its easy to make an annoying game, but to make one like that actually takes some thinking. Im sure a blenderhead could make a better game though. Maybe ill have a try sometime. :evilgrin:

Lol, at least it’s not commercial.