You know you've OD'd on blender when...

I’ve been using blender solidly, to the exclusion of all else, late into the night and early in the morning for a work project for months…

…Now though I’m using other programs with it… (for texturing, or skies/landscapes etc)

Now whenever I go to save I automatically hit CtrlW , whatever package I’m in… sadly in most of the rest of the software world this is “CLOSE CURRENT WINDOW!” :eek:

I’m having to focus really hard as some packages don’t catch you with a “unsaved changes” dialog! (there goes the last half hour of work, just as you’re trying to save:no:

On another note I keep switching to Maya and back and end up messing up navigating the views and selecting stuff in both Maya and Blender! :spin:

Its messing with my mojo…

Anyone else getting “repetitive blender injuries?”

Overdose on Blender? What’s that?


yup, when i play a RTS game i always click “B” to box select my troops.

When I have to scroll up or down on a website i hold down Shift and scroll…

I hit ‘G’ a lot and right-click all over the place.

Try deleting something with X in other apps

i find myself using blender hotkeys in Maya PLE

doesn’t work the same for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:

G? G?!

the real pros use the gesturing system : ]

Michael, then you should teach your self to save in object mode using ctrl+s. :slight_smile:

though, yeah, this is probably one of the reasons why the event system re-write is looked forward to by many. :slight_smile:

i personally like to save using f2, the greatest thing about saving like this is that its easy to save as ‘versions’,
just hold cursor over the file name input line and hit the + key on your numpad, then hit save, or enter.
(i guess the other + key might work too, for those on laptops)

When you hit ‘G’ to move object in Inkscape or the Gimp.

I had a dream last fall where I looked out my upstairs windows at my yard. It was knee deep in leaves. I cleared the leaves by RMB selecting them and pressing X. When I woke up, I was depressed that I would actually have to spend my whole weekend raking.

The Gimp’s catching on! I was surprised to be able to pan my canvas with MMB!
I configured firefox to that too!

Felix, I started out using CTRL S like everything else, but blender learned me good 'n proper that the RIGHT way is CTRL W! (by ctrl s not working in other contexts…)

It’s funny that the delete key is consistent with other apps (as in it deletes stuff) , but now I’m bashing X like the rest here regardless!

… when you see edgeloops on every item you want to model superimposed in your head.

When I use Maya, I always hit E to extrude, and get pissed off when it doesn’t work, then I switch to blender and realize I need to quit trying to use Maya:D

I made a few fumbles when going from Blender to Maya POJ.

I alway make sure to use the mouse to save though. Had a few bad experiences long before i heard of blender.

You know you had too much Blender when you wonder what the blazes are all of those help windows opening up and preventing you from starting your work. Happened to me a couple of times after long blending sessions.

The best is when you find your fingers reaching for the buttons when you get an idea
in bed :>

You too? Good to know I’m not the only one loosing it:spin:


Shift-D in Blender
Ctrl-D in inkscape

I keep wanting to hit x to delete stuff in Word.