You Made Coffee

Hi all,

I’m new in BA community and i want to share something i created. It’s a very simple scene
Blender + Cycles + Photoshop

Hope you like it, C&C are always welcome
Vera M.

Awesome use of depth of focus… is that post-pro or cycles? I’m also intrigued to know what you put behind the camera to illicit the really natural looking reflections on the front of the mugs. Beautiful as it is simple :slight_smile: An inspirational piece!

Its simpel, clean and nice result. I would have used less light on the front but overall, well done!

Very nice render! It almost has a timeless feel to it.

Thanks for asking…the DOF was made with cycles, the camera settings were 85mm f4.0… behind the camera there was a warm emission plane on the right, a cold emission plane on the left, and an emission plane with a image of a kitchen on the front (this has almost no effect since it was very far from the main scene but it helps at the top of the mugs, you can see that most of the reflections are caused by the long table, and the solid emission planes)…thanks again

Looks amazing, good job!

Beautiful, realistic, and simple.I love the idea.

Thanks for all the comments and feedback, I appreciate it