You may find this funny... or not....

I thought it was pretty funny. I put one of my family’s horses out in a pen to exercise because he had been cooped up for a few days due to heavy rain. I had taken my small digital camera with me to photograph a squirrel that I had befriended in the same area. But, when I let the horse (his name is Heaven) go, he laid down and started rolling in the dirt. He seemed to be really enjoying himself. So I pulled out my camera and managed to snap him in this pose:


Lol. That’s all I have to say…

Cute! :smiley:
My boston terrier does the same thing…

Ha Moonflower! Last winter: ->

And I trained my cat:

great image - it must be cool working with horses so much of the time!

haha. That’s funny.

Interesting that horses may like rolling in the dirt, my dog lays in dirt sometimes, he’s in the front yard and digs some of my mother’s flowers up to make a nice spot to lay down.

The part I thought was the funniest was that I actually took a few shots of him, and somehow on that one I managed to get him with all four feet in the air. :smiley: