you need free models - go here Google Warehouse


maybe not news to some but I never considered looking into Google Warehouse for models.

I am quite amazed to see the amount of models you can find.

In case somebody needs a stationary

this is a great resource!

I had forgotten about that resource, thanks!

A lot of those models are not opensource, however.

Welcome to the world of Collada import bugs!

I have not tried the 2.5 version yet, but a lot of the models I pulled off Google Warehouse would not work with the 2.49 Collada import.

Thanks Cekuhnen
On occassion I also have looked on the 'net for free meshes for inspiration, and a lot of them point to free items, but then turn out to be waste of time as the few free ones have to sifted from ones you have to pay for. As blender is currently a hobby for me, I don’t really want to pay for something I can model in my spare time. Your link seems contain some good meshes that I can make use in the near future.


oh I see I did not see those yet or maybe the files I used were free …

5 thousand posts and you just discovered the google warehouse. the topology of the models tends to be poor, because its not a standard way of modelling. & yea, collada has never ever worked for me, I gave up trying to import in that format.

Perhaps he uses Blender instead of Google Sketchup?

There is a Google Sketchup import you know. You don’t have to rely solely upon Collada.

I meant, how is it possible to spend that long on a 3d forum, and not hear about it? sketch up has been brought up lots, even in the short time ive been here…

They’re not all made with Sketchup. I’ve made some building models in Blender, exported as Collada, imported into Google Earth, exported out as kmz, uploaded to Google 3D warehouse, marked them as “Google Earth Ready”, waited for them to be judged, and then had them accepted onto the official Google Earth 3D buildings layer.

With the new Collada import for 2.5, this should hopefully no longer be a problem.