You say blender game engine can't create good graphics, watch this

Well, i’m sure some people say bge can’t create good graphics in games but watch this and tell me what you think
and this was made with version 2.49.

Well, just trying to prove to the doubters that blender game engine can create a good game.
This is what “a person” did

It’s not graphical fidelity that’s the problem. Really anyone can make pretty models and put it into a game engine. But there is more to a game than just that.

I know but some people see blender games and go, that games has no good graphics without thinking about the fact that it’s made by “a single person”.

I know blender can make this in the game engine :rolleyes: martinsh have a talent for the glsl shaders :smiley: sorry english.

No problem. And it’s a teen that did that

And now ,what do you think about the performance?
A game isnt just mountains with some filters.
Try and add some logic to that,some enemies,some animated characters,some physics,and then let me know what framerate you have.

Most of people complain about perfomance NOT graphics.

Just dont use large maps. :slight_smile:

It’s still in development.

Martinsh as far as I know isn’t a teenager. But I am guessing you are.

I plan on doing so for my game

Right, I got his skype, he isnt a teen.

2:45, thats my old game, not so proud of it though, Kami is right.

16 is what he told me

HE is born in ''86, is that 16 years old?

She is right, just trying to show that you can do what ever you want with blender.

Didn’t check. I asked.

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Bge is not really professional in graphics… But it’s really the most flexible regarding physics… That’s why I’m sticking to it and why every one should :wink:

Thats great