YOU WONT video

You wont believe your eyes #### watch it till the end you just wont believe it :smiley:

and than cumbck here Did you see it?

this is not related to blender , and the vid is tasteless , pawned ? LOL …

What exactly is it that I’m supposed to see?

3d guru it is related to blender dude ,it was composited in blender entirely LOL pawned aha mission success

can i have my 5 minutes back ?

That’s an awesome video!

you wasted 2:03 minutes of my time

renegade strikes again…

Aha. Aha. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

This thread is now about boats.

That is quite a boat. I’ve always wanted to do a cruise actually…

Indeed it is.

Cruise ships are a bit too crowded with people for me, I like just taking a kayak out on the lake.

Kayaks are quite enjoyable, definitely more fun than a clunky canoe of rowboat.

What kind of boats do you have, free?

Ah, I remember kayaking several miles at Virginia Beach with my friend…

Ya know, I actually don’t have any, but I’ve used kayaks, rowboats, sailboats, and canoes.

All were a great time. I love the water. I’m mostly a beach guy, but a nice river trip can be a lot of fun.

Where do you like to go boating? I like Alaska, and the Canadian Rockies.


I am fond of boats too.

Any lake will do. Norwegian preferred.

I only get to go to Norway once a year, so I’m happy with going to the nature preserve right down the road (I’m in Pennsylvania). You’re allowed to boat on approximately half of it.

if you guys have so much free time why not go to the help forum :slight_smile: