Young Aviator

This is a WIP from the “Special Vehicle” SMC that I just decided to go crazy with. I’m still working on it, but any crits, comments, etc. is glady welcome.

I like the idea. This looks great. The grass is excellent. Did you use a plug-in? The only things I would change are the clouds, which are good, but look odd in contrast to the sky, and the cardboard texture, which is actually really good, but something doesn’t seem right. Looking really good, though.

Thanks, ok, I’ll explain a little about the making of. The grass was done using Ripsting’s Fiber 2.03 script, the clouds and everything in the scene are procedural textured except for the cardboard texture, which I am rather disappointed about and still working to make a much nicer one.

I think the contrast on the carboard texture is too high. It looks too bumpy. The sky would look a lot better if the sky color matched the darker blue that surrounds the clouds. Maybe add some flowers into the grass and some bees buzzing around them.

here’s a small update . . . I’ve already fixed the reflection in his glasses since this render.

btw, I am completely redesigning the character. As it is now, there is very simple geometry in the scene, which is good for a cartoonish style character. I am aiming towards a short film with this so it would be best if I just take the time now to model the whole thing and rig him up. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

I think you could use a photo for the cardboard box texture to make it more appealing. I think the sky could have a bit more work. The rest is ok.

i think it would be cool if you had his legs comming out the bottem

Haha! That’s funny!
OK, some crits…
The glasses reflects to much. make them darker!