Young Boy - Walkcycle pg. 4

Hello, chaps! I’ve decided to model, texture, rig, and animate a little lad, and I’d like some guidance throughout the youngling-manufacturing process. I’ve never really attempted a full human before. I’ve never actually finished a head, either. I mean, I’ve started… but uh… yeah.

So, I’m definitely gonna need some help, although I’m sure I’ve improved a lot since then. Here are my sketches for the youngster:

And here’s what I’ve got for the model so far:

Any crits? Suggestions? Comments?

I’ve been trying to be very conscious of edge loops for the face/head, but I really have no idea where to go for the body. Can it be a grid? Are the edge loops for the body as crucial as the ones for the face?

Thanks much!


hi effstops,
you ve got a very nice edge flow and i think you can go on. you ve asked for a way how to model on your body… there is a very nice tutorial at
- a male torso
- a female torso

i like these tutorials as they show u the general way how to model your character. the only problem is that they are written for maya so they use sometimes n gons…
keep the on the good work :slight_smile:

One thing I realized from my own modeling is that if your character is going to have clothing, then the body underneath isn’t that critical. Just use simple form to block it out, then model your clothes around it. Of course, there are many ways of doing it, mine isn’t necessarily the best way. And I’ve found that it’s ok to have triangles in clothes, since it helps to simulate the way real clothing wrinkles and folds. Just don’t use triangles in the character itself.

<edit> Mathias Pederson has a brief clothing how-to on his website:

And this page helped me out a lot:

Hope that helps. Good work so far, btw.

rather nice simple flow.
however you have two 5 poles in lines under corner of the eye. bounds to induce artefacts.

the neck is a bit thin and oversimplified.

but proportions are nice

for the edge flow of the body, follows the structures (bones and muscles). try to have face loops where deformations happens

Hmm, maybe you should work on the ears. They look very strange, unless you meant to do that on purpose. Other then that everything looks excellent. Keep up the good work!:smiley:

Nice so far. I think the ears are a bit too small. If you are going to stick with current ear models, maybe make the backside/edge a bit more puffy, it seems a bit flat/thin.

As far as animation goes, you seem to have a bit too many loops around the mouth. When I model I have subsurf applied at all times, starting from the first vertex point; it lets you see the minimum vertices you can get away with. The lower amount of vertices you have the easier it will be to animate in the future. (I think this is the most critical mistake people make when following a reference image, they try so hard to make sure that the non-subsurfed model is close to the image that they end up with way too many unneeded loops/vertices in order to accomplish a curve or such.)

Thanks so much for the feedback!

I started over on the ears - they’re now bigger and seem to be more realistic. However, the edge loops in the ear are totally screwy, and I know I’ve got some triangles in there somewhere. Since it’s just the ear, do I need to worry about that? I mean, it won’t be deforming much.

Also I worked to separate the two poles that lukep pointed out. (Thanks for that!) I think it’ll deform more nicely now. I’ve been working on the body but after looking at those tutorials I realized I’m not doing it right. I’ll post an update soon! Thanks guys.



I don’t think I’m really doing the body right, but I realized something. I want this guy to wear clothes. I have no idea how that’s going to work. None.

How do you do clothes? Do you model the whole body underneath it and then add clothes as separate objects, linked to the same skeleton? or should I just start modeling clothes now? And do you model clothes differently from the body? I uh… I haven’t thought this through.

And here’s what the hand looks like:

This stuff is difficult! How should I improve the hands?


shameless promotion : see tutorial in my sig :wink:

it is for detailled adult hand, but you can simplify at need.
the trick is to work on the form

Thanks Lukep! I haven’t gotten a chance to work on the hands yet, but do you think they need any more definition? Or just tweaking? What I mean is, do you think I should insert more edge loops for more detail, or do you think I can get away with what I have?

I’m about finished with the body, I think. Here’s what I’ve got at the moment: (click for bigger images)

What do you think? Am I ready for rigging??


Will he stay naked?
He’s ready for rigging.
But I think the fun is that we can make clothes for him if you don’t give them.
Hopefully the Cloth Simulator will make it into Blender. And hopefully those technique’s will be improved. Volumetrics are pretty though for Blender.

No, heheh, he’ll be clothed. I’m gonna rig and animate him first, I think, and then try adding clothes. Or maybe I’ll rig first, add clothes, and then animate.

I dunno - should the clothes be part of the same mesh? Or can they be separate objects, being deformed by the same armature? I’d love to experiment with the cloth simulator but I’m planning on just having the rig deform the clothes - no simulation involved…


AniCator, do u know whatr functions that clothsimulator will have ? and what are volumetrics ?

That’s the way I’d do it, then you can put the clothing & the character on separate layers, & you can turn the clothes on or off easily. Then you can even model different outfits, each on a different layer, but controlled by the same armature!

For example:
dirty water. the mud floats trough it(under water). You see it looks very fluffy… it looks like you can look trough it(and that is what particles don’t do yet in blender. however faking is an option. someone else explain please?

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well eh does some one know where i could download a script or something like that to simulate cloth, as i m working on a model of a woman now and sooner or later i ll need some clothes for her :slight_smile:

Gahh! I set up the armature but I’m having some problems applying the vertex groups.

I made this short screen capture to illustrate my problem. Some points are just not responding to the bone they’re supposed to be connected to. Click to watch the screencap.

Thanks for the help!


I have never seen anything like that happen. Everything seems perfect unless something is wrong with your vertex groups or maybe something to do with parenting:confused:

Maybe the vertices are also a member of another vertex group.

Yeah, that was my first thought, but even if they were, you would still see some movement in those vertices. I went through every single vertex group and didn’t see that area being influenced by any other bone.