Young Pomegranate Scholar

My goal was to create a character in an efficient manner, from concept to rendered animation. This project took around 5 days. Though the animation took 2 days haha.
Substance Designer and Painter was used for the texturing, and Blender for the rest.

Here is the progress thread: Modelling, texturing, rigging and animating a character from scratch!

Environment was made with the incredible 3D scan assets from Faroe Islands National Museum: Faroe Islands National Museum (@Savn) - Sketchfab

Animated render:

Still render:




This is brilliant work. The character is great - love the texturing and the expressions - quite an emotional range for a pomegranate! And the animation feels spot on. I love this kind of work - thanks for sharing.

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Great, i like him very much! :+1:

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Looking pretty awesome,

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Thank you so much! It is very rewarding to receive so much positive feedback :smiley:

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Awesome character and animation. I also want to thank you for posting a little bit of behind the scenes. It’s always cool to see what people are making.

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Faaaantastic . And does so much that couldn’t be done in any other way. It really fits its own medium, like a glove, There’s a lot of big-time animation out there, which (to my mind, anyway,) doesn’t, and feels awkward… And there’s so much in here… a whole backstory from just a couple of seconds!

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