Young Third Sword (Necropolis Fan Art)

Currently working on the face of the MC.
This is really my first face/hair sculpting, so I’ll probably end up going back and fixing things later:

EDIT: Current progress included. Original pictures moved below:


Update working on the layout of the scene:


Nearly done sculpting the folds in the clothes:


You’ve clearly done a great job sculpting the character but a lot of that work seems to be lost in the materials and the lighting though I’m sure you’re developing on those to make them more stylistic and to emphasize the model. So far it looks great, I’m excited to see the finished product.

@plop720: Thanks for the comment! Yeah, materials / lighting are definitely a weak point of mine, and I’ve been playing around trying to get a stylized look that I like.

Here is where I am at so far with the materials. (with some lights just stuck in there) I still am trying to get a good looking blood that fits with the style, but most of the other materials I think are starting to look good.


So I’ve been messing around with this some more, and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on ways I could make the grass under her flattened instead of like poking up through her.

I’m pretty happy with most of the clothing materials now (though I’m still trying to figure out a good material for the vest)

but I’m having the darnest time getting good cartoony hair. I’m aiming for something more along the style of like this:
but I just can’t seem to get that look. Any idea how I should set up a hair material to get a similar look?

Running list of things I still need to do: (mostly for my benefit)
-texture face and fix the geometry a little bit
-add fingernail shine
-fix hair shader
-improve the lighting setup
-improve grass material / make grass particles more interesting
-add more wood chips
-fix bulge on index finger
-attach head to shoulders



I’m a lot happier where with it is at now, and feel like there is just some small tweaking left to do


This looks really great! I’m not sure if it’s the lighting or the skin shader that makes her skin a bit weird on her face. I also think you should add some sort of texture to the hair. But really, it’s a great piece.

I think it is absolutely great!

I like the sculpt. I would make her chin a bit bigger though, right now it is right beneath the mouth… too close to look pretty, I would say.

Skin… which shader did you use? ) I would paint darker shade of skin around the eyes and accent nouse and ears more (fingertups, if you look at your own hand are also more pink, than the reset of the hand).

Good luck! :slight_smile: