Young woman statue (from a grave)

I work on this now.


full figure


a test render
this is a marble like, but the final will be bronze


Awesome work so far!

I todally agree. Nothing to crit, really, I’m just waiting for high res / antialiased renders.

I just didnt know they buried statues.

from a graveyard oops :smiley:

not too bad at all… those eyelids make her look kind of drunk :wink:

That looks really great! And I really like the texture on the test render! Procedural or image?

Very nice work endi. The marble texture is really well done. Looks like you have grasped the displacement issues that I , and I think others, have. Any tips you can share on that end would be appreciated.


This is looking fantastic so far!
The gradual blending of the coat into the stone of her leg portrays the stoniness of the statue. The marble texture is pretty cool too, but I feel like too much texturing might distract from it. The modelling job itself is pretty amazing, and if you add too much color to it you might detract from the depth and everything. Or you could just add amazing lighting and prove me wrong…

nice classic feel, and that texture rules. it would be interesting to make a version that had cracks and pieces broken off of it, which seems to be the condidtion most old marble statues are in.

Gorgeous. You are truly a great artist. I really envy your wire. Very clean and flows well. I hope to achieve your understanding of edge loops someday.

Yes, this is good idea :).

Great material !!!

playing with render!womanstatue_01.avi

flickering faces… blender render bug?

wow, I found a render bug!
when a bump channel are on the top of a displace, it modifying the displace… strange
but if the bump channel are after the displace, the render of the displace is correct

Very nice, the material is exceptional.

I think the head is too elongated on the front-back axis


looks nice but the ponytail on the back of her head looks out of place.

hm… do you see the flashing triangles on the turning movie that I linked above?
I think I can fix it, but I can’t… :frowning:

I want to make a small movie with this statue, but I can’t?

Yes I see the flashing triangles on the turning movie :frowning: :-?. This is distressing :(…

Endi <- I have some questions:

Regards :slight_smile: !!!

ah, the works of endi, those pretty renders always give me inspiration and a big smile…sigh

just wonderful, the head mesh is wonderfully sculpted, and the texturing as always beautiful with your works, i could only imagine my skills in textureing+lighting to reach so that it is so pleasing to the eye as yours.

Cant wait to see how this one turns out, good to see more stuff from you =D