Youngest and Oldest Blender User

I think it would be cool to find out who the oldest and youngest blender users are. (Blender related) :confused: Just to know. Finding the oldest would be cool. THough the youngest is…Me.
Age: 10.
These 2 numbers, 1 and 0 can seriously explain my n00bishness often. :o

How do you know that you are the youngest? :wink:

Not that I am younger than you, its just that there are a lot of users here.

Well I’d think he’d definately be among the youngest 5 percent.

I’m 19 myself. But I find it amazing that 10 year olds have found their way here and have survived here. Heck I bet your voice is still pretty high.

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Hmm. There was one guy who was 9 1/2 when he started but so was I. MAYBE I’m the youngest. And maybe you are. We’ll never know but that’s why this thread was started. :smiley:

I can see someone that age having trouble with math nodes and python math if they just started to learn single digit multiplication.

Considering if you started in the 4th grade, you may end up on a good early start to a career in CGI art or 3D games.

Thank u. (oops. Bad start bad english) yeah python is a place i’ll steer to when im somwhere around 12 to 16

I’m 18!
I started blender umm when i was like 12ish?

The oxman might be the oldest (do a search).

Cyborg Dragon: 10 years old is not simple digit mathematics. By then you should have more than enough knowledge in math to work with python (maybe not matrices and such :p). But maybe my views are skewed having two parents with math doctorates…

HEY friday13! how old?

Oh, we lost count a long time ago (ran out of counting fingers). But take a look at his site and guess.

I wish i started earlier. I got blender two or three years ago but it was to confusing. about four months ago i got into it. it is pretty amazing to think of how much I’ve learned in those six months. I turned 14 7 days ago.

My son is learning Blender and he was only 7 when he started. I got him watching some of the great video tutorials and he really wants to make a “movie”. His aspirations are bigger than Big Buck Bunny at this point so I have to temper his enthusiasm slightly so that he will not be frustrated in not being able to do it right away.

Well I don’t make the younger age, but Pixelmass is 55 years - I think he opened a thread or something to advertise this. And someone claimed to be about 100 years or something rather - I think that was a 15 year old kid who read some book or watched a movie and got hooked into the plotline and messed up his/her reality.

I’m 354 years old! lol… just kidding

I’m pretty sure I know the youngest GIMP user around these parts: my 3-year-old brother. Not kidding. :smiley: He’s no expert (duh), but he even knows Ctrl+Z.

18 started when i was around 16 (maybe 15?)

Im 8 yeers ald/

that means you started blending when you were… 1 y/o :slight_smile:

Hmmm…interesting. so the youngest is 3?