Youngest and Oldest Blender User

15, but does the age matter .my little bro turned a cube around in blender .so he is the youngest
BTW, when i see most of the BA users started threads i see that they never posted any of they works or almost did.

I am 35. You are all noobs and tha aged are all professionals. :slight_smile:

Hmm…I always wanted to know who Apparently n00bishley put up that pro thread. :smiley:

My grandson… almost 5 now…has been playing a simple game i made him for the last 2 yrs…is always interested " What’cha makin’ Ampy "(his name for me)…he hasn’t been here since I downloaded BBB…gonna love that…I crawled out in late '50…seems like…something…

Im weewee smawt

TorQ you’re seriously 8? AAAARRRGH! Oh man! 3 year olds 5 year olds 58 year olds! How could this happen?

My mental age is around 6 years old, perhaps a bit less. :slight_smile:

I’m 49, lol! Not the oldest but certainly older… been fiddling with Blender off and on since I can’t afford Lightwave, Maya, or XSI (and I’m getting tired of Carrara, sigh). About 2 months now… nothing to show for it yet other than some really odd abstract renderings.

I’ll be 22 this September, so I’m not the youngest nor the oldest… Maybe some day I’ll be the oldest one? Who knows…
I was 15 or 16 when I started using Blender. At least I remember announcing I’m 16 here in the forums :smiley: Oh my…

I’m 46, but I often feel MUCH older :(.

I have a Son who is 5 and uses Z-Brush (honest!). My 19 year old uses Maya fluently and my 12 year old Daughter has been building Barbie hotels in the BUILD editor since she was 7!

This helps explain why I feel so old!!!

I am 45, so definitely past the statistical halftime.
I started using blender about 1,5 years ago and will do so as long as there is any breath left in me :yes:

Im 24, and soon i`ll call myself a pro :slight_smile:

i started when i was 10. my first animating program was paint and microsoft media maker. what you would have to do is make an image and slowly change pressing save as after every change. 100 frames would take me a week!!!

those were the days hey. im 15 now though and im a demi-semi pro to use music terms in real life.


C’mon comeon!

Fourteen. Started Blender in 2006, and don’t feel like an expert yet. :wink:
At the moment, I’ve been taking a break to focus on art foundations (perspective, anatomy, and other things). Hopefully, by the time I’m 16 or older, I’ll be a pretty good artist.

I wonder what I should say?:confused:

I was 8 when i started blender and am now 10 and some what experienced.

I start in 3ds max under DOS loolll I am 55 years old and recently switch to Blender to finish a game start 5 years ago!

Don’t be fool with my 55 since i am doing workout since i am 16 years old and i am in perfect health and fit!

Another level five thread necro has been done :boom:

If you see my post from 11 years back in this thread, please note how woefully out of date it is as I am 30 now. I am no longer among the younger users.

Haha, I saw that post before I saw the timestamp, and I was like, whaaaaa? I’ve been talking with Ace on this forum for like a decade, I had no idea he was that young!

Then I saw the date, haha.