Your blender oddities/habits

Do you always delete the default cube before you start blending?

Are there certain habits you have, like saving every 10 seconds (or never)?

Is there a certain mouse you always use to blend? Certain keyboard?

Do you use a certain blender version?

Post any oddities/habits/similar tidbits here!

Note: this is not a “you know you’re a blenderhead when” thread!

I sometimes press the same wrong hotkey all the time, like ‘V’

I usually forget to tell Blender to put the render window in the center during the first test.

I usually save twice at once.

Ha, yea, I think a lot of people save twice in a row. You know, just to make sure it’s really saved.:wink:

I’m very mechanical. I don’t like dragging vertices until they look right or anything of that sort; I like everything on grid lines.

I always add a new theme when i install blender, and set up basic 3 point lights, and replace the default cube with a plane like the old days.

i’ve gotten rid of the default cube for a default mirrored cube. Same shape, but with x-axis mirror goodness. Aside from the fact that I will spin my stuff for a half hour in between 5-minute editing periods… I got nothing…

I always use the menu for changing view port angles.

I usually start blender only for a few seconds to make sure the compile was successful.


I always delete everything in a scene before I begin and divide the main window into two. Then I insert the cam, and save to file before I’m really even started. Then, when I’m closing, I may save up to 3 times to make sure it’s saved!


-Deleted the default cube
-Reset to camera to face front
-Added three point light setup
-Used buffered shadows and increase the buffers between 2-4 thousand
-Divided the default viewport into 4 -like Lightwave
-Added a screen called single - with one screen - WTF (read one above if you don’t get it)
-Added a screen called texture for texturing
-Strangled a puppy out frustration for not realizing that you could hit control+u to save it all

I’ve been working with Blender since last July I think, and I didn’t use control+u till about… January:o

Like every 2 seconds…
No, seriously, I accidentally close every other program because I use CTRL+W instead of CTRL+S…

  1. Hold down 5 on the number pad to see my modells flash in and out of perspective.
  2. I sit around for ages just wondering what the hell i’m going to next.
  3. Insomnia
    4.When i forget to save and blender crashes i usially have to buy a new keyboard…

Since I use Blender AND the Adobe CS3 suite at work I “very VERY” often press
Space-bar to “pan” the scene around like in illustrator/ps/indesign…

I also often hit the “H” button instead of “G” for move…having to Unhide everything
now and then because I do this…very annoying.

Funny thing… I also do it the other way around…eg…when photoshopping
something right after having used Blender… I press “B” in photoshop for “paint-select”
when all “B” does in ps is to activate the “brush” tool :slight_smile: …silly me…oh well…

I have a habit of never finishing anything I start.
I always save revisions of files with the name + a number. Rarely use “save” in favor of “save as.” Guess that’s the programmer in me, heh

I love Photoshop CS3’s 3D layers… I use it for UV painting

Well, I save every 2 seconds too, but I just gave 10 as an example since I thought I was abnormal:p

TheANIMAL: “Hold down 5 on the number pad to see my modells flash in and out of perspective”

Haha, I’ve done that too…

ropsta: Woah! Ctrl-U! Never knew about that!

I always hold down, for instance, 2 and 4 at the same time, and it’ll start whirling around, i can screw the camera outa whack. So, like when i push 2, it goes around horizantally the object. What a goofy camera :smiley:

Must always turn on the snap settings. First thing I ever do with a new compile or version. Can’t STAND when a vertex sits on anything smaller than .10! :rolleyes:

I think that goes for most of us. The only word that comes close to finish that I use a lot is Finnish.


i delete the default cube right away… sit there for a few minutes planning what im going to do, the i add a cube ad begin modeling :spin:

i accidently hit the H key instead of the G when im tring to move something.

i always turn off that stupid 3d transform manipulator

i turn on blender, open a game project,… sit there and select and deselect som objects for a little while… then minimize blender, log on to BAF and screw around for about an hour. then close everything and go work out cause i feel like a slob. :RocknRoll:

You know you/re a blenderhead when you have to post

in your thread.

Back on topic: Ever since I moved my lights and camera to layer two, I’ve developed the habit of typing tilde to select all layers before I render.