Your Blender Tricks !!!

(acasto) #1

After reading the Blender Update thread, I thought this would be an interesting topic. We all know Blender lacks a few common things, such as undo. But what is it that all of us do to get around things like that. I think we will finding many interesting methods for things such as this… 8)

For me I save multiple versions after any significant change using the ‘+’ key to go up a verison number. As for other non-standard methods, I’ll have to think a little.

(@ce) #2

having an undo button would significently need a new basis for the blender scripting…just save allot…thats cool to :smiley:

(acasto) #3

I never really thought about it, but you could probably set blender to save every minute or something up to X amout of saves with the ‘AutoTempSave’ button.

(blengine) #4

lets see what else blender lacks that we get around.

  1. subtract(for non publisher owners)
  2. raytracing
  3. lofting
  4. undo

i cant think of any others…if u think of some write em down here…

  1. for putting holes in things, and draw the hole first then build around it…OR after i make my model, and delet a vertex or two, and draw a hole in the middle, then connect it to the model… subtract is not too hard to deal without unless its really complex model…

  2. for raytracing, i dont do much glass becasue of refraction…thats almost impossible to get aorund, if anyone know how or where i can get that refraction plugin, please tell me!!!

  3. to get around using lofting, it depends on learning a new way to model…i uses to loft my heads in spatch, then when i got blender, i learned a whole new better way to do it… (front side profile, fill in important features (eye sockets, lips, nose), then fill in whats left…

  4. undo…i have a really cool habit of like hitting cntrl+w about 12 times evrery time i make a change =)

(ray_theway) #5

Before I edit a mesh that’s key to my scene, I put a copy in a different layer so I can revert in case something goes wrong.

(acasto) #6

Good idea, didn’t think of that. Would it be possible to do that with python, have it automatically copy a mesh and hide? I don’t know if it could do it automatically though, but you could specify to capture a certain key strike or combination to trigure it. Or have a little gui with a “copy and hide selected” and a “delete and restore selected”

I have a feeling stuff in this thread could turn into something good… 8)

(rivenwanderer) #7

Refraction Plugin

I love it! It basically just manipulates env maps, one from an empty in the same position as the camera, and one that would be used as the reflection… but it can look pretty good when used properly. Doesn’t do great with hollow-looking things like wine glasses where the front part of the object is actually refracting its contents and then the back half of the object… but for solid things it works well. this is an example of what it can do… since the result is shadeless too, if you want specular highlights, you have to make a copy, make it totally transparent and slightly bigger than your object, set SpTr to 100% {or something pretty high}, and then set the specularity settings and stuff to what you want your object to have… of course, you have to recreate the bump maps from your object too. Anyways. Hope this is useful to you. *Imagines cool blengine stuff with glass :o *

(malefico) #8

One thing I would love to have is recursive background-ing . Let me clarify.
You know you can set a scene to act as a background for your main scene in the render buttons. It’s a pitty that you can’t add more tha n one scene or to show all together the background scene with its own background scenes as well… wow confusing huh ?

I like to work in several scenes (one at a time) the main scene and backgrounds and composing different images just changing the background.



(overextrude) #9

How about this - select the four vertices of the face in which the hole is to appear, extrude, and scale inward - a hole. Once it’s scaled, you can move it to its desired location.

(Free Mars) #10

Global Illumination could’ve been better. The way it is now only makes it really useful for static scenes.

(IngieBee) #11

I never really thought about it, but you could probably set blender to save every minute or something up to X amout of saves with the ‘AutoTempSave’ button.

That’s what I do, and it’s saved my assets quite a few times, I can tell ya!

(blengine) #12

whoa thanks alot rivenwanderer!!! so cool! thanks alot man

(blengine) #13

oh no rivenwanderer! the refraction link, or any on that page arent working! =( boo… could u by any chance help me out and send me the plugin through email please? my address is [email protected] that would be great if u could do this, thanks =)

(IamInnocent) #14

Just because nobody mentionned it yet : I do multiple saves of any project at all the critical moments or before experimenting with something . I just name the first save “(name_here)001.blend” and each time I want a fresh save, I hit “F2”, “NUMPAD+” and “enter” ; this way I get a serie of saves numbered “…001.blend, …002.blend, …003.blend… and so on, as much as there’s need”. In between I use ctrl+w.

(eeshlo) #15

In case you don’t have it yet, I can send it if you want, let me know.

To rivenwanderer: about the specular highlights method, it is not necessary to scale the copy. You can use Zoffset in the material button section, I mentioned this in the documentation, as well as some tips on how to handle thin glass.

(Xtra) #16

Hi folks!

Things I’d like to have in Blender:

  • raytracing with caustics and refractions!
  • some more import/export formats
  • something similar to C4Ds sweeping tool
  • an easier way to handle radiosity (without the need to seperate each object) or …
  • … photon maps instead of radiosity
  • undo would be nice to have
  • better boolean tools
  • better NURBS modelling

Well, that’s all … :wink:


(steve343) #17

as for the undo funtion 2 years useing blender and ive never needed it. but it wouldent be to hard for someone to wright a python script to save everytime an action is taken and say tell it to delete any old saves over 20 or 30 it could even be incorperated into blender with an undo folder everyone would know how it worked. would also be great if ur comp crashed cos ited just be in the undo folder.

but i dont need it

(Vidigiani) #18

Just wanted to say thanks Jeanamontreal… I was not aware of this trick and its already increased my productivity and my creativity (not as afraid to try something crazy :P).

(denzombie) #19

I can do without the undo, I’ve gotten in the habit of saving before making any changes. (a good habit for ANY application)

But, I would love to see a raytracer, I believe it’s Blender’s biggest limitation.

(Schlops) #20

My favourit trick??

I got two keys for ya: Shift-F4 (no more selecting-problems)