Your chance for Immortality. Really.

So I’m rewriting the UV section of the wiki, and want to compare and contrast the different Painting tools and results available. SO, I would like to sponsor a contest to see who can model Suzanne (that parts easy-Add Mesh Monkey) using each of the 6 techniques called out in

This is where you come in. You all are SSSSOOOOO much better than I am, I would like you to contribue your work. Take a shot at one or more styles, and post your submission here. Please call out, in your post, which style and how you did it (the .blend file would be great) so I can give you proper credit and a description. Since no one will probably ever change such great images and writing style, your work will become Immortal. Please post your submissions to this thread. I will review and select the best in each category. The categories range from absolute newbie to pro. Thanks!!! Please keep your image to only Suzanne head and a background.

ps-Polorix is great for uploading.


Modelling Suzanne?

Or ‘painting’ Suzanne?

EDIT: The picture links aren’t working for me.

He said he was rewriting the page that is why he is asking people to help, so he can put pictures up showing the methods described. They are probably placeholders right now.

it’s the UV section so he must be talking about unwrapping and painting, I…

Nifrek, and San Diego, you are cooooorect. the links are placeholders; i need 6 painting of the suzanne head. Thansk! this way they all are of the same object, but different techniques. You dont have to do all 6, just whatever you feel good about submitting.