Your digital world
The point was to create a vibrant and colorful image supposed to represent a digital environment. You don’t see computers and circuit boards here, but you see colorful, geometric, and glowing shapes and colors. I origionally planned for green cubes to fill the back but it got in the way of the middle of the image so I replaced it with something else, same with copying the disks in the middle and scaling them, I ultimately only took one of them and made it a different color. The wire shapes in the back are darker colored so it won’t rob the center of focus. Helping focus is also why I put a white sphere inside the middle.

-Brightness contrast adjustment in PSP 7
-Glow made by taking a copy of the render layer, blurring it, and mixing it in using the compositor.

it does give me the idea of a digital world

Very VERY digital, maybe a tad to bright to be vibrant, but not bad.

You gotta do some image outside of this usual realm of yours. Go outside your comfort zone, with a scenery image, or something photorealistic. Seeing this same kind of thing over and over gets boring.
Its like pokemon or something, What was originally a pretty cool concept got used too many times, and its just lame now.
Ha, sorry for using such a dorky example, Ill think of something better later :wink:

But just a thought.

Only thing is, I seem to get better comments from these types of images then when I do try to make them realistic. Look at The artist disturbed, I got positive comments from RobertT, Basse, Bigbad, and Ajc.

It’s interesting, but it doesn’t give me the impression of a “digital world”…the colors are way to bright and soft…I usually think of hard colors with a metallic feel to them when I think of ‘digital’.

I saw the comments over there, adn that was an interesting image because it was completely different thatn any of your otheres. This is anothe colorful glassy shiny bright formation of planes, etc, an approach youve taken many times before to no avail.

Im saying, look outside, or a picture of the beach. then create your impression of it.

Its all up to you how to express it.

I personally think digital could also mean bright, geometric, and solid like graphics are on a computer.

Digital could also mean oversized pixels in an image or a mosaic of different pixel sizes.

It’s all in perspective.

It reminds me of Tron. That would be an interesting project… to take the tron visuals and just go nuts with them.

i’d love to see that put into a loopable animation.

I like it, but I think the colors are a bit too bright.

I know this may be off but I can’t post in off topic so here it goes.

Look, I’m sorry for purposely ruining my artist disturbed thread over the locking of the there’s no point thread. I know I got a healthy mix of opinions. Now I’m thinking, I’ll try for a dedicated project that will be large, detailed, and one I think I’ll spend up to several days on trying to make it look its absolute best. If I fail, then I’m sorry for posting images.

Glad to hear it :slight_smile: