Your Favoirite Mouse for Blender

So, my mouse of 10 years finally died on my, an ancient Logitech mouse. When I first recieved it (used) I modded the scroll wheel to not click, and in turn is also provided a bit less resistance when clicking.

Today I went to buy a new mouse, and got a Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime. In the store, it felt the best, and wasn’t super expensive. I got it back to work to find that the resistance on the middle mouse click is too strong, and disengages when you lessen the pressure (but doesn’t yet click “out”).

This is infuriating! The middle mouse button, for myself, is the most important button in Blender. I use it more than any other. It seems very difficult to find a mouse with a good, low resistance middle click.

This does seem a unique requirement for Blender, so I am wondering if anybody has any good suggestions? Which mice have they found to be middle click friendly?

I use a Sandstrom wireless mouse on my laptop, the middlemouse is pretty firm and feels quite robust, on my desktop i use a logitech 9 button mouse (i forget the model number) which feels quite loose in comparison but is really quite responsive. it’s also one of the few gaming mice that are symetrical and not designed exclusivly for right handed people, what with all the thumb butttons being on the wrong side!

I like this Xenta mouse - about as cheap as they get but the scroll wheel is really easy to click and hold.

i have razer naga from back in the days when i played WOW, but i think that mouse works really well since you can so easily swich between front/side/top view, persp/orto and the middle button is really “clicky” witch makes it easy to nagigate in the viewport :slight_smile:

I had the same middle click problem but then I tried the A4Tech mices that usually have a special button next to the wheel and you can program it for midle click button.

I have a A4Tech R4 - quite a good mouse but very heavy (it has two AA batteries inside) - not suitable for long work (up to 6 hours of clicking is OK for me). Also the LeftClick and Right click buttons have weak springs so I can’t rest my fingers on them without pressing them. Nothing terrible but it can be an issue after a longer work when the fingers are tired. The special middle mouse button also disangages when you lessen the pressure but usually it’s not a problem. Other than that it is very good. I had a problem with the wheel with my first R4 but they gave me another one for free (warranty) and the second works without an issue for around one year.

I also have a wired A4Tech xl-747h - a light wired mouse that does not suffer from the problems of R4. The only issue is that the cable is quite stiff and sometimes can even push your mouse when you move your hand out of the mouse. I also don’t like the design of the mouse and it took some time to get used to it’s shape.

Overall I am quite satisfied with both mices even that I would not buy the R4 for my desktop. I am now addicted to that extra middle button and I don’t ever want to click the wheel again :slight_smile: