Your favorite creature: real and mythological

Just want to see what kind of animals people like, same with creatures of mythology.

In real world animals my favorites would be dogs, and lizards and snakes.

Dogs because I own one, and they are pretty cute
Snakes because I like holding them and handling them, I rescue them when our cat catches one every once and a while
Lizards because you just can’t avoid the charm and the thrill of holding a scaly creature, and they look cool too.

My favorite in mythology would probably be Dragons, why?

1). No other mythological creature comes close to it
2). Hard not to be amazed of how widespread (storywise) they are (all over the world)
3). I’ve been interested in them since I was 13, I sleep with a beanie dragon, I was born in the chinese year of the dragon, and I hope to amass the neccesary genetic technology using robotic assistants to literally be the dragon (though being one in a video game where sensory information is beamed into the brain and using your brainwaves will likely come first).

What are your answers?

Tigers, cats, lions, panthers, cats. Actually, I pretty much like all animals with fewer than six legs but I’m particularly partial to cats. I think I may be part cat, even.

Nothing comes close, mythologically speaking, to the dragon. In particluar the J.R.R. Tolkein, fire breathing, maiden stealing, flying terror kind. They are majestic, lordly, fearsome, fearless, and totally, totally cool. :slight_smile:

I’m also fond of fairies, which I tend to think of as being capable, smart masters of their environment, while at the same time being playful and free spirited.

Real - Dogs

Myth - Balrog

[Edit] “I sleep with a beanie dragon” That’s pretty brave admitting that in public. :wink:

Yes I do admit, as I turn 18 in less then a month and become a legal adult I still sleep with it, same with a beanie snake and flying dinosaur, I even still sometimes hug the teddy bear I had since 1st grade.:smiley:

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That’s enough lets get back on topic.

Geckos. Just because.

Mythological?[asbestos suit]God?[/asbestos suit]
Cerberus, probably.

The BloodThirster real cool creature. :smiley:

Kittens, Rainbows and Unicorns.

Just Kidding.
Real: Dogs (I like Pitbulls and Blueheelers)
Fictional: Um, not sure, too many of them.

Sloths, turtles and penguins… just cause… they really kick ass.

Mythological… Fenryr I suppose

Gee I wonder what Dragon cyborgs look like?

Mecha-King Ghidorah:

Not as cool as Mechagodzilla though:

Real: Wolves (and Carcacals and other felines too)
Fiction: Dragons, phoenixi, genetically engineered supernatural creatures

One of the few mammals whose territory and population has actually grown despite the increase of people: the coyote (often referred to in mythological stories as “Trickster”).

As for straight mythological creatures, I dunno, do yetis count? Minotaurs seem interesting… of course nymphs and sirens have their appeal as well. Hrm… not sure, I think I’ll just have to stick with real creatures.

Cats own.

Now for mythological… I have too many.

Real: Cats

Myth: The Phoenix