Your favorite IDE for Linux?

Yea, I know, flamewar in the works, but let’s just try to keep things civil (for once).

Remember it’s about “your favorite IDE for Linux”. In other words, it’s all about personal preference, so there is no reason to debate “what’s actually better than what”.

All I ask is for you to tell me your favorite Linux IDE, and the reason behind your choice, whatever that reason may be.

I’m just trying to get a general feel for what the majority of Linux users that visit theese forums run, and why.


My favorite is Eclipse. Check it out = )

Sorry, i forgot to add my reasons. I find Eclipse to be very easy to work with, it has a lot of tools that are very useful for developers and also the soon to come addition of the JWT project.

Eclipse for me too…

It is a bit slow, but well worth it.

I just use Kate and then program the Gui by hand. :slight_smile:

Forgot the reason. I think think an IDE (at the moment) just adds an extra layer of complexity that I dont need.

And there it is, that’s exactly my opinion.

I mean alot of IDE’s out there are really getting bloated. Personally I much rather prefer an environment consisting of a text editor (gvim/gedit) and then using the terminal (xterm) to compile it all.

It’s straight up, and I don’t have to spend a year trying to figure out all the IDE features. You have your source code, and you make the binary with a compile command. (like “g++ -o program.bin source.cpp -lSDL”).

I also think there are other benefits, such as not being dependant on the IDE itself to compile a working program. I mean I can go from machine to machine, OS to OS, and as long as there is a text editor around and the compiler installed, I can write and run pretty much anything I want, all without going through the paces of setting up my IDE first.

Actually I have a somewhat similar argument against “syntax highlighting”. As far as I’m concerned, syntax highlighting is just another “handholder” turning into a liability. I mean I’v seen guys really freak out when their “colorscheme” is not right, to the point where they had to go out and look for one to download, so that they could actually start writing/looking over any code. Not to mention the despair when there is no syntax highlighting to begin with.

I don’t know, it just looiks like it made everyone forget that in the end it’s all just text.