Your favorite Linux distro and Why?

Mine is unix, and I have no idea why.

I would love to get an old unix OS.

:frowning: So , its not really Linux , but…

youtube: j p l Auringonkukka ja sade

If you want Unix, then there’s always TrueOS, FreeBSD, and even OpenSolaris.

As for me… I’ve grown quite fond of Arch Linux.

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Thank you.

I use Ubuntu because of the big community. Very happy with it since 2012.

OpenSUSE is the current os i use for everyday use
the version support is longer than fedora and the code base is the same as SUSE Enterprise

it is more stable than Fedora ever was ( ran fedora 4 to 18 )

however for work it is ScientificLinux 7 the code i need is built for RHEL

Arch. No release versions and forces you to learn how to fix it. Also, as lightweight as you want to make it.

EDIT: Been running Arch exclusively for 7 years, and never had to re-install.

Arch is fun , the wiki is even a GREAT tool for Other distros

Ubuntu. Yeah, it’s safe and boring, but most of the time things work out of the box without too much tinkering. Plus community and documentation are good (or at least better than in many other distros).

openSUSE since it has no problem with 6th generation i7 Intel CPUs. Mint has a work around which I never got to work not being a terminal type. For a distro that is so simple for non tech types Mint still has this ongoing problem with that CPU and I believe Motherlake boards. Anyway the combination used by ASUS machines.

CentOS, because I use a variety of commercial software that is certified for Cent/RHEL

Mint KDE, because it’s simple, somewhat fast, looks great, and works straight out of the box.

I used to be part of the support team for Mint, and still have a soft spot for it. I just, kinda, outgrew it.

I did, however, 3D advertise it (not Blender, but I hope you like anyway).

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I like trying the newest off wall Ubuntu distribution for example (Ubuntu Studio, Lubuntu, Phoenix and etc…):

Linux Mint, with Cinnamon, just works and is updated regularly. I used to use Fedora with Gnome, but then they wrecked Gnome for me and Fedora was too bleeding edge. Cinnamon has all the bells and whistles without all the clickiness and difficulties of Gnome. I really like the app launchers and the main menu in Cinnamon.


I just switched my new tiny laptop to Manjaro.

I love the idea of Arch Linux, but I tried to install it in a virtual machine to test it and failed to boot. XD

Manjaro is basically Arch-Linux but user-friendly! Meaning it’s mostly a “just works” distro, that is a rolling-release updated with the latest software, and has access to the absolutely fantastic “Arch User Repository.”

I’m growing into it and I like it a lot so far. I came from Mint XFCE (which I loved), and so far haven’t run into too many compatibility issues like I thought I would.

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Is this topic still alive? I want to dual boots Window 10 and Manjaro. Do you think it worth trying? is it really better (faster) for Blender?

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On a quick advice, it sounds like a nice idea. Manjaro is in short nice for someone who wants to get rid
of window’s pushing of media, likes to write little code here and there , and it is quite sturdy, not to say elegant, it is elegant. Dual boot is a little mess the way I have experience. Swapping hard drive to fresh one as long as going with Manjaro could be an option.
Just going on, but only thing I miss WinDoze is that I saw some nice tut how to make a relatively good Jarvi’s like system. Not that it has much do with the matter. Where is my coffee ? It is morning 5:00

Blender is notably faster on Linux. For newcomers I can vouch for Linux Mint (my favorite flavor is Xfce) since it has very sane defaults and a familiar interface. For newcomers I’ve also heard very good things about Manjaro and Pop!_OS (this one supposedly is very good with graphics card and its drivers).

I’m currently using Fedora Xfce, but because I was willing to put up with some slight drawbacks it has. I wouldn’t recommend it to new users, though.

Bottom line: check out your graphics card drivers compatibility, since not all of them are officially supported on every distro.


Manjaro worked right out of box for top of the line gamer graphics card where as WinDoze
gave troubles.

That Mint is quite pretty

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I just bought a new PC: AMD 24 cores, 32 GB ram, Radeon RX 5700 XT, 1T of M.2 , and with Window 10 Pro. After a lot of reading and watching YouTube, I think Manjaro Cinnamon look like a winner candidate.
Now should I get another graphic card (RX 5500 XT) to setup Manjaro as VM? One card run each OS; I have to run AutoCAD on Windows OS otherwise I will not bother to run doul boots. Any input will be greatly helpful. Thank you.