Your favorite way of hosting/sharing seamlessly looped animations?


I’ve made these dumb, fun things following some combination of Mantissa/Ian Hubert/Ducky3D tutorials:

and I’m wondering what are your favorite ways to host and share HD seamless looping animation.

So far, I’ve found gyfcat to preserve quality the best (I’ve also tried streamable) in terms of casual, purely digital hosting. I know the Youtube trick of just cloning the video loop for hours, but this seems wasteful. Instagram is another casual + digital option, but I can’t seem to get it to preserve my aspect ratio.

I see Mantissa’s homepage ( has an embedded looping m4v. I’ve also been following Beeple and his explosive cryptoart debut, and see that he’s selling physical digital frames that go along with his NFTs.

Other physical display options explored: BrightSigns, Raspberry Pi with OMX Player, Raspberry Pi with Hello Video Player, but I’m getting way ahead of myself here lol.

Also, why is true seamless looping video so hard? Even with those gyfcat examples, there is a little noticeable skip when it loops. But even trying to loop this on my laptop using VLC does the same thing.

Re the skip, if you end on the identical frame you start on, that’ll do it. Otherwise, IDK.

Oh, I meant a noticeable pause*, not skip. The animation loops perfectly seamless in Blender, just not in almost any other video player, hosted or not (gyfcat is the closest I’ve seen, outside of hosting the looping video yourself on your own website). It’s a tiny detail, but it is noticeable.

if you keyframe a seamless loop in blender, oftentimes you need to get rid of the final frame, as it is a duplicate of the first frame, and will cause a pause.