Your finished projects needed for website

Last night I finally finished my new website. It is of course based on blender.

On the home page you can see a lighthouse image that I made about 2 months ago. Due to my current amount of schoolwork etc. Its not possible for me to keep making new renders for the website. So I am calling on the community and asking if anyone here has anything good to contribute.

If you do please provide me with your details so that I can give you some credit:

Name of image
What version of blender.
Any addons used. Ie. Yafray, fiber scripts
Email (if you want to)

So if you have a great image that you don’t mind going on a website, then please post it here.

PS. Don’t know if this is the right category but it seemed like the right one, because people will post their finished projects.

The “Gallery” link takes me to a download section.

Oh yeah. Forgot to mention that. The gallery and movies page are under construction pretty much. Until I get more pics. Oh and if you have any animations, post the link here as well. :slight_smile:

There is only 1 image in the gallery anyway. Here it is: