Your first Blender

HEy The first time I used blender was back a year or two ago, with v2.42. It had the oranges (yum! oranges =p)

I wanted to learn it because of how much control you had over the vertices, and the customizable UI and a lot of other stuff so yeah Blender >>> 3DS and whatnot.

What about you all? When was your first blender experience?

Wow my first Blender.
Well I actually stumbled across Anim8or when searching for a photo editor.
I loved the galleries and decided to try some of my own.
When I got the idea to try video games (still a dream), I searched and tried several programs. (Most notably Art of Illusion and 3dRad.)

Finally I found Blender.
The interface was impossible.
I couldn’t find anything or do anything with it at all.
So, in disgust I removed it from my system.
And went back to AOI.

Finally came back to Blender because it contained modeling, animation, texturing and logic all in one program, even if it was impossible to use.

By then I had some experience following tutorials, so I started with the Blender Tut Guide, and the rest is history.

I’ve been modeling off and on for about 3 years now, 2 of them exclusively in Blender.


I made for my second blender, the first was the cube… :yes: :yes:… I made a spline with the GNOME shape and extrude it to take a render image as wallpaper… :stuck_out_tongue:

You could see in GNOME ART

I have this wallpaper on my computer yet. The day I made it I take blender and never again I used 3dsmax.


My first version of Blender was the 2.45. I started with a simple Gingerbread and that was my first experience in Blender.

I started with Anim8or, then I thought, hey there could be better. So in a long search I finally found, 2.45! A bugfix. though, I found it when I was 9 3/4(November), It was only in March that I got on the forums.

2.30 i think

blender 2.0 that came in the cd of a video-games magazine

:stuck_out_tongue: The good old days

I started with 2.45 my first project was a simple winter seace spent 3 weeks on that thing and now I can do it in 5 mins.

I started out with Anim8or last July and quickly got bored by it’s simple interface. So I told my dad that I was tired of it and he downloaded Blender for me. It was 2.44 at the beginning of last September. Then he downloaded the wikibooks for me so I really never had much trouble learning. Once I finished the wikibooks, I got the Essential Blender and Introducing Character Animation with Blender, and this June discovered the forums. Now I happily say this is my resource.

2.40, I believe is when I jumped on the boat. Sole experience beforehand was a little fiddling with Gmax. I didn’t find the interface that hard to learn, once I found one of those basic interface tools. Still discover something new about Blender every time I do a project with it.

I don’t recall the version but it was a before v2.35a as the global undo system had not been implemented yet and that scared me away for a bit.

The first time I used or attempted to use Blender was back when they had like 3 different licenses available. The first version I actually do stuff with will probably be 2.5x.

I first met Blender when I was looking for software to install on my brand new Redhat 3.0 installed on my screaming 120Mh Pentium. It had just been ported from SGI’s Irix to Linux and was available as a free download… Of course after staring in disgust at the screen for a couple of minutes, I quickly forgot about it. It was only after seeing some nice tutorials (Blendedwhale I think…) that I really got into it. That was the 1.5x period. I still have my 1.5 Blender book at home, later joined by the 2.0, the Karaa, Blender Gamekit, both Tutorial Guides etc etc. Ahh those were the days…

I became curious about 3d stuff about a year ago and started googling it. I found anim8or, hated it cause the interface was impossible for me (Ironic isn’t it?) but then I stumbled across Blender 2.45. The interface came naturally to me. It just seemed to make so much sense. I started out by making a vase, and then practicing particles. I made some wine glasses, the whole enchilada… Soon I found out that Blender had a GAME ENGINE :eek: ! I searched it up on youtube immediately and watched ace24ace1224’s tutorial on a car game, and that is how I got my love for the game engine.

I seem to recall that My first version of Blender was 1.80 late 1999 / early 2000.

It sat on my system, I wasn’t sure how to use it - the concepts of 3d artwork were still too much for my little mind. Then when version 2.0 hit, and I found the Blender 2.0 book at a local bookstore, it started to click with me.

…and I’ve been blending ever since…

Eric “GuitarEC”

Blender 1.80 back in 2000.

Blender 2.33, it was the first release that had AO and a few procedural textures.

hmm, again one of these threads… they go fine, until Ton posts his screenshot :slight_smile:
mine, was, i think 1.6x or 1.8x… can’t anymore remember.
needed animation software for linux, didn’t really know what 3d even meant, so i was pretty weirded out when i noticed i could rotate things around and look at them in any angle. first try was like 15 minutes, gave up couldn’t do anything, and closed the software. after couple of days, tried again and have been using it since.


my experience was alot like neons.

but, as far as i can remember…
i think my first version had like a… umm… SNAIL. thats it. yeah, i think the splash screen was a snail…