Your new DS.

Has anyone gotten a DS for christmas or other means?
If so please post your games and your experiences with the pictochat thingie.
(Only if your lucky enough to be within 65 meters of the 1 million other DSs. Which I find to be really hard to achieve.)

Are you talking about the Nintendo DS?

I wouldn’t mind having one–not at all. I almost asked for one for Christmas, but I decided I should be a bit more grown-up this year and ask for some productive computer software. :slight_smile:

I got one and I’ve already beaten Mario. I’m working on completing it and getting all 150 stars.

My brother has one and we do the pictochat occasionally but it’s really pointless. If you are 50-75 feet away then it’s easier to just talk.

I don’t see it really coming in handy until school starts up again. I know several friends who got one.

If several friends have them you could probably chat during class if you were discreet enough.

I want one, are they pretty good? Better graphics than N64?


lol surly a mobile phone would do that

Yup, better than N64.

I don’t know about your school, but mine hunts down mobile phones like the inquisition.

Yea Mobile phones are definitly not liked at my school.
I go to a stuck up preppy school so im guessing most people wont have DS’s but I may be wrong.
My friend Chad has one and we played multiplayer mario on it and that was fun but it would be funner with 4 players instead of 2. Pictochat is ok but like
valarking said its easier to just talk when your close enough to pictochat.

I have one. What really impresses me the most is the quality of the sound that comes out of those little speakers. I never thought speakers that small could sound so good.