Your opinion on emulators

I know I’ve been spewing crap about emulators over the past couple days, singing their praises and what not, but now I’d like to hear everyone else’s opinions on these special programs. Now, I only download what I can’t buy, which is normally really old games that no one sells or that a video game company would no longer profit from. I plan on becoming a video game designer, so personally, I wouldn’t like it if someone pirated my hard work, which is what I’d like to see debated over. If I stop producing a game, and it turns out that people like it and start downloading pirated versions of it, should I really care, or should I just move on and try something new?

Do everyone a favor and mention what your OS is if you want help.

Been there, done that for this discussion.

If you’ve ever checked out a book or video from the library, then by the same definition you’re a pirate.

emulators FTW!
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Go Linux!
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anyways, i dont see anything wrong with using emulators the way they are intended. it is LEGAL to own and play a backup of any game that you already own.

Do a goggle search on “out of print” and “copyright”

something I found:

Goggle search?