Your opinion: Shadows or not


I wanted to know your opinion about shadows. What do you prefer no shadow map or a little pixelated shadow map? Or is that a no go?

Shadows may definetly improve player´s immerstion(I hope I used the right expression for this). If you have a static enviroment and you are making your game for older PC´s than you can choose between no shadows or baked shadow map.

But if you want to make more realistic enviroment or some more dynamic exterior scene, you will do best when you use dynamic shadows. Shadows will get improved in 2.62 - 2.63 and they will work faster.

Vertex color for shadow map is an alternative in some cases.

Thanks a lot for your opinions.

  • So will be the sun lamp cast shadows in the newer versions? If so do I need only a sun lamp for shadowing the whole scene?

My Map is 10’000x10’000 Blender units. So you can imagine that even if I seperate the map, I need 20x 2048 texture sizes or even more to have nice shadows.

A spot with soft edges (set to shadow only or a fairly low strength) that shadows what close to the player might work.

I think sun lamp shadows is coming in harmony - but not phase one so it’s probably a good bit into the future.

Ok thanks a lot. So I will have to wait.

Harmony phase one actually does have sun shadows. But my testing the setting seem to reset the shadow settings whenever I load my blend file.