Your patterns of thought

As in, what do you think usually, what is it like, do you see color, hear music, or just think in text?

I read in my new 700-some page bathroom reader that only 5% of people dream in color, what does that make the rest of the dreamers, black & white dreamers, when I dream I do see color, full color, sounds, ability to touch, taste, using all the senses. When I think i’m able to think in full color with music and sound.

There was one book I read of someone who said she thinks in pictures and music, she thought everyone was able to but realized not everyone thinks that way.

Describe what your thoughts look like, as in what is the main attributes, color? music? text?

Well, when I dream, sometimes I have a dream I can control and realize it’s a dream (aka lucid dreaming). Sometimes my vison was blurry, but not so much anymore.

I think most people not being able to see in color might have something to do with how they are in reality.

My thoughts, are fast, and I can think so much my head hurts. I also can think fully, able to make up music, the whole song, and play it for a while, then I just forget about it.

what does that make the rest of the dreamers, black & white dreamers

Knowing that the world the huge, I would think that there are probibly more than just black and white and color.

I generally think in images and sounds. I’m also really good at mental music. Unfortunately, my mind likes to wander and can take a thought of how to code something and turn it into a thought of the science of chlorophyll.

Me too, are you sure that figure is right? only 5%?! Most people i’ve asked say they dream in color.

Interesting stuff though, i’ll be following this thread = )

Well, for me, it depends on the topic. If I’m thinking of something to code, I usually think in problems. Sounds weird, but mostly I know where the problems are before they appear, except for syntactical ones, they drive me nuts. There is as well an instant idea of how the code would look like, as I’m thinking of the problem.

When thinking of some art stuff, I usually think in color or music (not that often, because I’m not that creative on music, mostly).

On thinking about daily things, I think in problems too, sometimes in english (weird for me, since I’m from germany,… can’t really control it). I had it even today, where I couldn’t remember a german phrase of “no system at all” (connected to guys, trying to flirt). Had to tell in english.

My dreams are colored and with music too, wouldn’t be fun, if it weren’t.

But anyway, I personally think you will not find that much people here, who have text dreams or none at all, at least because there are many creative people around here. In my opinion, it depends on how sensitive/trained your apperception is. Basically, the human brain works with pictures (as I’ve heared somewhere), you will not remember something, you have written, if you can’t see it. The picture and the close look onto it while writing makes hand written notes that effective, I think. Thats by the way a big problem with KI, I think, because robots aren’t able to get even half of the information out of a picture, a human can.

My dreams…

I can see in full colour and sound, but most of my dreams are in a third person perspective of myself and I can rewind and change parts of my dreams I didnt really like and have them repeat over & over again. It gets annoying sometimes.

Well, I umm… I don’t remeber my dreams. Does that make me a bad person? lol. And how do I think… Hmmm, well, I really don’t know. Its not “speech” because there is no vioce, its not pictures, unless thats what I’m working on, such as in blender. Its really hard to describe… Its a voice, only without without a voice. Make any sence? Avlax, I know what you mean, I sometimes cannot get my mind to think (haha, just put en)in English, it get cought in the little Japanese I know (mainly greetings) and also in Spanish.


I dream in color and that percentage sounds about as reliable as most statistics (read: not at all).

I dream in color and that percentage sounds about as reliable as most statistics (read: not at all).


50% of crimes arn’t reported.

How the heck would they know that?

Well, they wouldn’t, but they would like to invent some statistics to fool the simple minded.

All it takes is looking at the stupid “studies” the news shows people to find out that statistics are just a tool to support an idea and have very little bearing on reality.

That isn’t to say that there are honest, reliable statistics around, but there are honest lawyers too.

How would 3rd party people know for sure if a subject dreams in color? Is there a seperate part of the brain that lights up when color is preceived? If they know for sure that 95% dream in black and white, then I have a feeling the majority of us add the color later. A sort of deja vu.

My dreams are silent, from what I can remember. No one ever talks. I just know what they are “saying” if they do that at all. I have very solitary dreams. Not that there aren’t other people, but I am disconnected from them and don’t interact with them on more than a physical level. :wink:


I don’t really have control over my dreams even though it seems like it, but usually when the outcome is very poor it snaps back to an earlier state and a different attempt is made. Like one dream where I got attacked by some red dragon/rabbit type creatures and then it snaps back and the same thing happens in a different way.

Some say that dreams are a part of you trying to say something. Like your sub-concious. You know when you say “Let’s do this,” and the other part goes “Let’s not, you’ll die.”

If so, then it’s doing a shitty job of it.

So when I had dreams about going into public in my undies…I was fighting a subconcious battle about actually doing so?

I feel so…violated.

I often find myself narrating to myself when I’m thinking of something (not outloud, in my head). I can never really remember my dreams though some parts and images I remember are in colour and do have sound. I do have music in my head but its usually a very irritating song thats stuck in my head that I cannot get out. Very annoyingly I sometimes find myself thinking in english even though I’m afrikaans.

I am exactly the same way. the voice thing is pretty cool. it’s not a voice you can hear, but you interperet as a voice. pretty weird.

That statistic is usually based on case studies. The government would commit, lets say, 10 000 crimes and then see how many people report it.

Just to keep this post on topic. I dream in full colour and sound, like propably most people.

That’s nothing compared what I remember some dreams being, going into public places naked and trying to cover up and hide behind things though not all places really had many people.

I dream in color sometimes, depending on how tired I am. But Ive noticed that Im sorta aware of what goes on around me while Im sleeping, as long as Im not incredibly tired. Like I remember hearing a conversation in the car while sleeping, and when my name came up I rose from the depths of wherever I was and then made a decision not to talk because it would wake me up all the way. I can also controll my dreams…