Your perfect program....

Just curious, if money was not a factor, which program would you head for, for your 3d,2d modelling and animation?

Well, as money is no factor, I go for blender. But for money beeing a factor, I would probably go for Softimage XSI, I’ve heard it’s good.

I would probably head to 3DS Max or Maya with Mentalray and maybe the newest Paint Shop Pro and Genetica.

I’m not really sure why, but Hash Animation:Master

EDIT: oh and also Cinema 4D

3ds max sucks. the interface sucks. the program might be good but i hate it. i have a trial and i dont like it but i have to use cause i use it convert between formants to get it into blender

If money were not a factor, I’d buy ‘em all, and a separate computer to run each one on. And a big ol’ swivel chair with casters so I could roll from one to the other as the mood struck me. And I’d buy Ben & Jerry’s (the whole company) 'cause I like ice cream and I like their attitude. :slight_smile:

In actuality, I’m sure I’d stick with Blender, Wings, POV, and Paint Shop, but I think I’d like to try Maya just to see what all the fuss is about.

You can get Maya PLE for free, but it has watermarks on everything. But other than that, it is fully functional.

Not quite, you can’t use the features like hair, fur, cloth, & fluids… Only Maya Unlimited has those.

3ds max (with vray), photoshop, illustrator, flash, and paint shop pro. Hey, I love open-source, but 3ds max has the right stuff, baby.

Torque game engine. 100 bucks, though.

I actually tried out loads of 3D programs when I first started 3D stuff and out of all the ones I tried, I settled on Maya and stuck with it for about a year. However, I just got so frustrated with how slow it was on my machine and annoying little bugs that would make the program crash. That’s when I came across Blender. So far, I haven’t found much wrong with it apart from the render quality but with external renderers, it’s not a problem. Even if I had the money to spend on a big package, I’d rather donate it towards developing Blender than spend it on some package that I know I’ll hate.

If money was not a factor, I would go for Blender and hire a bunch of programmers to implement everything it is missing.